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disgustingabsolutely horrendousabstract backgroundabsurdabsurd resabsurd resolutionabuseabusive girlfriendacademyacademy recordacceptedaccess deniedaccidentaccidents happen?according to my calculationsaccording to this data you're a faggotaccording to this machineace venturaachmed. jeff dunhamachooacidacid tripackackbarackwardacquireacscooteractaactiacti orginalacti originalaction hankactivateactivate itactivate the anti-hate shieldsactivitiesactuallyactually flutterstalkeractually i'm not madadam savageaddictedaddicted to mlpaddyaddy lieks saxaddy no not wantaderpableadieu.admin asleepadmiral ackbaradmire meadolph hitleradoptionadorableadorabloodthirstyadorkableadourableadowableadultadventureadventure timeadviceadvice ponyaeiouaerialaerial manoeuvresaerobicsaetheafraidafraid of her own shadowafroafro circusafro cirkusafter reading fallout equestriaagainagencyagentaggravatedagoraphobiaagreeagree to disagreeagreementahah can't brain today ah got the dumb.ah liedah that hurts my eyes...ahahahahahaaheagoahegaoahhahhhahhhhaimain't even madain't even rustledair forceairplaneairshipairstrikeaivaajaj applejack wtfajuaakak 47aki is watching youaks 74ualasalas poor yorickalas poor yorick i knew him in equestriaalas poor yorick i knew him well horatioalcoholalcohol freealcoholicalcoholic beveragealdinaalertalexalf pot is magicalicornalicorn amuletalicorn ocalicorn sparklealicorn twilightalicorn twilight sparklealicornsalienaliensall aboard the cole trainall according to keikakuall be fineall capsall dressed up with no party to go toall glory to the hypnoponyall hail queen syphalisall hail queen syphilisall i wanted was your soulall is lostall is not well in the worldall is ponyall my rageall my rage will...all my whyall my yesall of my gustaall of my rageall of my whyall of my whysall of the skyrimall of youall of your praiseall our love are belong to everyoneall poniesall ponies are created equalall rightall the cakesall the fucks i giveall the praiseall the skyrimall these hoovesall those fucking applesall too easyall went better then expectedall your baseall your base are belong to usallalaalligatorallow me to explainallow me to explain why you're retardedalmost got cookiealoealonealooaloun spoiiiiiiiikoi?alphaalpha as fuckalpha malealrightalright who else just typed in 42alrighty! dealalulaalwaysalways relevantalways welcomealways worksamam i pretty girlam i trolling myself? or really am a bronyamazedamazementamazingamazingly intenseamberamenamericanamerican flagamethyst coronaamethyst starammoamnesiaamped upamuletsamusedanan error has occurredan error has seriously ocurredanal rapeanalcrusadedanarchismanarchistanarchopinkieanarchyancientancient aliensancient humansandand a single tear was shed that dayand i don't like itand i learned nothingand i like itand i should give a fuck because?and i was like wtfand i winand i'm gonna read itand im 17 whats your address?and let it me everyone thereand nopony can stop me!and not a single fuck was given that dayand not a single hate was given that dayand not a single lesson was learned that dayand not one fuck was givenand now you are going to dieand over there too!and rarityand so it beginsand so the bronys rejoicedand stay outand stay the fuck outand that's how equestria was madeand that's why i'm best ponyand thenand then sex happenedand then there's this guyand then they all fuckedand then they all kissedand then they fuckedand then they kissedand they never came back,ooooooand we learned nothingand you were doing so welland your point is?andrew wkangelangel bunnyangel bunny white powuhangelsangerangeredangryangry explainingangry faceangry masturbationangry ponyangry sexangry twilightangrybloomanguishangyanimalsanimaniacsanimatedanimated cute daw daww dawww diabetes filly luna wanimationanimation erroranimatronicanimeanimosity intensifiesanmasokannoyanceannoyedannoyinganonanonwashereanonymousanteateranthroantianti-aging creamanti-wingboneranticlopanticloppistantoinetteanusanxiousany last wordsanythingapatheticapertureaperture laboratoriesaperture scienceapocalypseapocalypse nowapol jeckapolloapollo 18apollo missionapologizeapologyapology failappappalledappearapplaudapplauseappleapple applejackapple bloomapple bloom does not like screentimeapple bloom flat face desk moment of wutapple blossomapple buckingapple ciderapple coltapple familyapple family reunionapple fritterapple headapple jackapple juiceapple lieapple mad reactionapple productsapple punch!apple teenyapple treeapple warp zoneapple-buckingapple.movapplebeansapplebloomapplebloom approvesapplebloom doesnt evenapplebloom doesnt like youapplebloom has issuesapplebloom has plansapplebloom likesapplebloom nigga beerapplebloom think faceapplebuckapplebuck seasonapplebuckingapplebumappledashapplefryapplejackapplejack apples untagged funny memeapplejack drinking drunk alcohol angryapplejack i gonna slap your shit go onapplejack intensifiesapplejack is eating a shitload of applesapplejack is tastiest ponyapplejack meme funny untagged room boobs coolapplejack meme reactionapplejack meme reply apples untaggedapplejack out of fucking nowhereapplejack raibowdashapplejack that post constipated meapplejack untagged you need helpapplejack what did you just say to meapplejack; birthday; happy birthdayapplejack's faceapplejackingapplejazzapplejewelapplejukeappleliarapplelieappleneerappleponiapplepuffapplerageapplesapples and apple accessoriesapples apples applesapples apples apples applesapples thats whyapplesacrumapplestareappleteenieappleteenyappletiniapplewatapplsappreciatedapprovalapproveapprovedapprovesappulappulsapronaqua teen hunger forceaqua teen hunger force referenceaquaticaquatic birdarabicarachnidarchaicarchaic raparchitectarchivearchiverareare y'all a wizard?are you a ponyare you a princess tooare you a wizardare you a wizard?are you bucking kidding meare you bucking kidding me?are you flutterstratedare you frustrated?are you fucking kiddin' meare you fucking kidding meare you fucking kidding me?are you fucking seriousare you highare you insaneare you kidding meare you kidding me?are you nuts i'm a horseare you readyare you seriousare you serious?are you shitting meare you supermanare you sure?are you thinking what i'm thinkingarea 51aren't i adorablearen't you gonna stay for bruncharfo cirkusargharguingargumentargument invalidaria blazearianna fluttersarise chikunarm the cannonsarm wigglearmorarmourarmsarms crossedarmyarouraarousalarousearousedarraggrrgbbgrrarrogancearrowedartart thou daftart vandelayartemisartemis auditore da lunaartifactartistartist: invaderpoeartist: tiarawhyartist: 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samaartist:nennanenartist:no-inkartist:oemilythepenguinoartist:oppositebrosartist:orschmannartist:osakaojiartist:paraderpyartist:paradigmpizzaartist:pinkanonartist:ponymonsterartist:ponyrakeartist:r.dashartist:rainbow-doshartist:rainbowplasmaartist:rautakouraartist:rayoartist:recu153artist:reiduranartist:rhanoaartist:rorripop-39artist:santaferartist:schizopieartist:semehammerartist:shadyhorsemaartist:skoonartist:someponyartist:spotty servineartist:steeveartist:sterflerartist:swaetshritartist:sweetlittlemedicartist:takua770artist:tanmansmantanartist:tellabartartist:tessartist:texartist:tggekoartist:thatsgrotesqueartist:the 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to fruitionat least you triedat the galaathleticatomic rainbombatomic rainboomattackattack hugattafattempted concussionattentionattfaudienceauraauroraaurora what is up with that fimflamfilosophyaustraliaautismautobots roll outautomaticautomobileautosubsavataravatar the last airbenderaverage bronyawaw shitaw shit niggaaw shit this is my jamaw shit we're gonna get fucked up tonightaw yeahawaitingawakeawakeningawardaweawesomeawesome center: under the awesomeawesome faceawesome postawesome rainbow dash coolness 10 secs flatawesome seriesawesome smileyawesomefaceawesomeleawesomeawesomenessawesometteawestruckawfulawkwardawsomeawwaww boo hoo hooaww yeaaww yeahaww yissawww yeahawwwwawwww shit!awwww yyyeaaahhaxel powersayay gurlbb&b&wb00ksb8baba dum tisba dum tishba-dum tssbaahahahahabababababababababblingbabbubabiesbabsbabs seedbabs_seed rape raepbabybaby cakesbaby don't hurt mebaby right roundbaby twybabycakesbackback and forthback awayback away quietlyback away slowlyback it upback to the futurebackdraft infernotbackdrawbackgroundbackground poniesbackground ponybackpedalbackstrokebackwardsbackwards gifbackwards hatbackwards headbaconbacon hairbadbad applesbad artbad artistbad daybad decisionsbad drawingbad encodingbad feelingbad grammarbad hair daybad jokebad joke facebad kittybad luckbad luck brianbad mane daybad memebad musicbad newsbad ocbad photoshopbad poker facebad ponybad postbad post is badbad punbad punctuationbad qualitybad romancebad timebad tripbad-assbadassbadass mlpbadass raritybadflankbadgebadgerbadum tshhhbadum tssbadum tsssbadumtshhhbahahahabaitbakabakedbaked badsbaldballballadballoonballsballs to youbambaman pidermanbambi eyesbanban hammerban virginbananabanana phonebananasband-aidsbandagebandagedbandanabangbang your headbangingbanhammerbanishmentbanjobanjo64banksybannedbanned from equestriabannerbannu bannubarbarack obamabarbie ponybarely pony relatedbarfbarfingbarfing rainbowsbarkbarking madbarnbarneybarney gumblebarrelbarrel rollbarrybarry not includedbart vs. australiabaseball capbasedbash yer headbashfulbasically i'm pretty much awesomebasketbasketballbassbass cannonbasscannonbatbat ponybathingbathrobebathtubbatmanbatman batmare octaia tavibatsbats on my face!bats!batteredbattlebattle of the bandsbattlingbbbckisbbbff smilebbqbe a hamsterbe a pigbe afraidbe fairbe gentlebe positivebe quietbe trippinbe very afraidbe wrongbeach volleyballbeachedbeambean bagbean bag chairbeanbagbeanbag chairbearbear gryllsbeardbeatbeatnikbeautifulbeautybeauty and the beastbeauty sleepbeaverbecausebecause applesbecause buck youbecause i'm awesomebecause i'm so darn cutebecause it always isbecause poniesbecause ponies the living tombstone thelivingtombsbecause this fanficbecause you know how much i hate excusesbecause you touch yourself at nightbecause you wub yourself at nightbecome a bronybecuase chaosbedbed intruderbed manebed timebedheadbedmanebedroombedroom eyesbedroom eyes twilight sparkle applejack pinkie piebedroom eyes twilight sparkle pinkie pie applejackbedroom invaderbedtimebeefbeep beepbeep beep cloud scootaloo hipsterloo i'm a cloudbeep beep imma jeepbeerbeer beer beerbeer gutbeesbefriendbegbeg your pardonbeggingbehind seven poniesbehind seven proxiesbeholdbehold logicbehold the power of my caps lockbeholderbeingbeing sillybelgian army skellybelievebelieve inbellbell peppersbellebemusebemusedbenbenchbend overbend over backwardsbending downbenji sweetie <2benjibbbenjiboybbbent overberetberry pinchberry punchberwynbestbest dance everbest day everbest everbest fanartbest god dammed oc original character everbest mlp nsfw pic in the internetbest night everbest oc recolorbest ponybest pony argumentbest pony proximity theorybest pony? u dumbbest start believing in pony threadsbest tagsbest thing everbest wizard of them allbestponebetbetrayalbetterbetter at it by nowbetter than youbetter vampirebetween the sheetsbeveragebeyond awesomebibliophiliabicyclebidebigbig brotherbig brother best friend foreverbig crown thingiebig eyebig eyedbig eyesbig fucking earbig lebowskibig macbig macindogbig macintoshbig mouthbig muzzlebig nightbig nobig nosebig penisbig sisterbig sister is watchingbig sister is watching youbig smilebig teethbiggest ironic statement everbigotrybill cosby scootaloo hipsterloobinocularsbioshock infinite reading rainbow dash rowbipolarbirdbird's nest again!birdsbirds of a featherbirthbirthdaybit of the old ultra violencebitchbitch :vbitch fightbitch gonna get rapedbitch i will cut youbitch i'm fabulousbitch i'm flawlessbitch i'm perfectbitch imma fuck you upbitch niggabitch pleasebitch plzbitch slapbitchesbitches and whoresbitches be jealousbitches don't knowbitches don't know bout mybitches like my swagbitches love skeletorbitchfightbitchinnnnbitchpleasebitchslapbitebiting...nails?bitsbitternbittersweetbla bla blablackblack & whiteblack and whiteblack backgroundblack holeblack opsblackblocblahblah blah blahblamblankblank expressionblank flankblank paperblank sheetblanketblasting offblasting off againblatant liesblazeblaze itblaze it upblazedblazingbleachersbleepblehblimpblindblingblingeeblinkblink blinkblink cycleblinkie pieblinkingblinksblitzy failed a jokeblitzy madblobblockheadblonicbloodbloodninjabloodshotbloodshot eyesbloodybloody crybloodyyybloombloom & gloombloom and gloombloom lightingbloombergbloopsblossomforthblowblow meblow noseblow your mindblowin in the windblueblue screenblue screen eyesblue skaiblue strokeblueberrybluebloodbluesbluffbluffingbluhbluntblupblurryblushblush soarin heart shy sniggerblushingboardboard gameboardsboast bustersboatboatsbobbobbingbobbon pokerfacebobby hillbockbodybody pillowbody slamboem777boggleboingboltsbombbonbon bonbon bon i am disappointbon bon's plotbon-bonbonbonbond villainbondagebonelessboneless chickenbonerbongbooboo hooboobboobsbookbook cutie markbooksbooks are my fetishbooks are serious businessbooks god i love booksbooks intensifyboomboomboxboondocksboooboopbootbootybooty booty booty booty rockin everywhereboozebopboppingborderline clopbordomboredbored nowboredomborgborimirborimir is best ponyboringborn readyboscobossbotbotanistbotanybotherbotspam tagmebottleboulderbouncebouncingbouncybowbow tiebowingbowlbowlingbowsbowtiebowties are coolboxboxingboxloads of butthurtboys were better than expectedbppmbraaaaainsbrace yourselvesbracesbraeburnbraeburnedbragbraggingbrainbrain asplodedbrain bleachbrain hurtbrain hurtsbrain memebrain needs to reloadbrain problemsbrain-damagedbrain.braindeadbrakesbravebravobrawlbrawlingbrazzersbrbbreachbreachingbreadbreakbreak the targetsbreakcore dancingbreakdancebreakin the 4th wall pinkie...breaking newsbreast expansionbreezybrevikbrexitbrian griffinbrick wallbridle gossipbrightbright eyesbrilliantbrilliant!bring itbring it bitchbringingbringing myself down to your levelbritishbritishleobritneybrobro as fuckbro do you evenbro do you even liftbro do you even readbrockbrock samsonbrofistbrohoofbrohoof version 2brokebrokenbroken heartedbroken imagebrokenheartedbrokenhearted fuckyoubrolestiabroniesbronies suckbronifybronify all the peoplebronybrony armybrony closetbrony do itbrony gonna breakbrony hatebrony laundrybrony pleasebrony tearsbrony transformationbrony101bronycon 2014bronynetbronystatebronystate too damn high!brookewasherebroombrotherbrowsebrowserbrowser ponybrushbrushablebrushiebrushie brushiebrushie brushie brushiebrushing tailbrushybrutalight sparcakebrutaloobsodbtbterthanbubble berrybubblesbubblinibuckbuck everythingbuck itbuck thatbuck the policebuck yeahbuck youbuckedbucketbucket equipped defence +2buckingbucking everyponybuckle upbucksbuckshotbuenobueno excellentebuffbuffalobugs bunnybuildingbukkakebulkbulk bicepsbull shitbullet timebullscordbullshitbullshitsbumbbummed outbummerbumpbump bump bump sugar lump rumpbumpedbumpingbunnnnnnybunnybunny suitburdenedburnburn all the g3 ponies with fireburn it to the groundburnedburned backdraft infernotburnsburybury thembushbush scootaloobushesbusinessbusinessponybusybutbut colorbut i like classicalbut i shall shave it for laterbut i want ice-cream!but it was totally muffinsbut not alonebut she's still a ponybut srslybut still nicebut thenbut then ibut then i got inspired!!!!but then i molestedbut then i was likebut then we were likebut to read this in my voicebut we can still be friendsbut when i do i watch my little ponybut when i do they are ponifiedbut whybut why?butchbutchershybuttbutt firstbutt first is how i approach lifebutt offendedbutt secksbutt whybutt wigglebutterbuttered toast manbutterfliesbutterflybutterscotchbutthurtbutthurt fluttershy angelbuttoffendedbuttonbutton mashbutton masherbutton mashingbutton watchingbutton's adventuresbutton's motherbuttsbutts intensifiesbuttsecksbuttseksbuy somebuy some applesbuzz killbuzz killingtonbuzzkillbuzzkill detectedbwbwooby celestias beardby celestias maneby wafiqbyakuganbyebye byec:c'moncăcatcăcat amestecatcacklecactuscadancecadencecadence shining armor fat wedding royal wedding bcadnece_oh_youcaecaesarcaffeinecainescakecake is a liecake twinscalculationscall of the cutiecall the copscall the cops i don't give a fuckcall the policecallumcalmcalm downcalm your titscalpaincamecame from hellcameracamouflagecampingcancan barely hold itcan i get a hug?can i give you a hugcan i has rock?can i have ice-cream?can i have your soulcan not unseecan we fix it?can we play?pleasecan we please talk about something elsecan you believe this faggotcan you shut up!? i'm trying to read a bookcan'tcan't arguecan't argue with thatcan't be fixedcan't be stoppedcan't be unseencan't beat my drunken ragecan't believecan't brain todaycan't brain today i have the dumbcan't clop to thiscan't dancecan't deal with itcan't fap to thiscan't flycan't handle thiscan't i leave you alone for 5 minutescan't not smilecan't readcan't stopcan't stop lookingcan't tell if trollcan't unseecan't we all just be friendscancercancer is curedcandencecandlecandlelightcandycandy applecandycanecanecane twilightcannabiscannibalismcannotcannot be unseencannot cope with the circumstancescannot unseecantcant hear yahcant tell if troll or just very stupidcant unseecanterlotcanterlot castlecanterlot republiccanterlot wedding part 1canterlot wonderfcukscanterlot?capcap backwardscapecapital punishmentcapitalismcapscaps lockcapslockcaptain americacaptain falconcaptioncaption all is lostcaptionedcarcaramelcaramelldansencaravancarboncarcinogencardcard creatorcard crushercardboard boxcardscarecarinacaringcarlcarlestiacarltoncarnegiecarnegie portercarnivorecarousel boutiquecarp says nocarpenterscarpentrycarrotcarrot cakecarrot topcarrot_topcarry on being a bronycartooncartoon physicscartoonycase solved you are an idiotcashcastle-mane-iacastle-maniacastlevaniacasualcatcat facecat fightcatch'em allcatfacecatscats are funcatsuitcatwomancaughtcaught cloppingcause a pirate is freecautioncautiousccbx h vceilingceiling catceiling dash is watching you masturbateceiling derpy is watching you clopceiling lunacelebratingcelebrationcelerycelestiacelestia autograph awesome iwenttoequestria!celestia bedroomeyescelestia demands virginscelestia discovers the clop worldcelestia hates opcelestia is_highcelestia luna rapecelestia reminds you of the dangers of drugscelestia wut tiaface oh kcelestiawesomecellphonecenacensorcensoredcensorshipcensorship is magiccentaurcenterfoldcentipedeceocerealcereal guycereal piecereal ponycgichaaaaaaaaargechace mayonnaisechainchainschainsawchairchair sexchalkchalkboardchallengechallenge acceptedchallenge deniedchanakuhchancellor puddingheadchancellor puddinheadchangechange 6change sixchangelingchangelingschangewatchantchantingchaoschargecharles barkleycharlie browncharlie sheenchartchasechatchat macrocheckcheck 'emcheck emcheck itcheck markcheck my schedulecheck onecheck them darlingcheck this outcheck yourselfcheck yourself before you shrek yourselfcheck yourself before you wreck yourselfcheckedcheckered flagchecking the listcheckscheercheer up pinkiecheerfulcheerileecheerilieecheerimaccheeringcheerscheers matecheesecheese sandwichcheese titscheesycheeze burgerschemistrycherileecherilee moistcherriescherries jubileecherrilee die you sweet.cherrilee doobie alchohol cidercherrycherry berrycherry on topcherrychongacheshire catchestchest fluffchewchew toychew with your mouth closedchewingchewing haychibichickenchicken dancechicken hypnosischicken piechickennuggetschickunchiken sandwichchikoritachikunchildhood traumachillchill brochill dun carechill outchill the fuck outchilleniumchillinchillingchimmycherrychinchin crimsonchin hairchipped toothchiyo-chanchockeenchocolaaate rainchocolatechocolate fountainchocolate milkchocolate rainchocolate!chocolote rain tay zonday pinkie pie my little ponchokechokes my chickenchokey chickenchokingchompchoochoochoreschris hansenchris-chanchrisialis discordchrist what an assholechristmaschristmas listchristmas treechronic masturbaterchrysalischthuluchubbieschubbychuck e. cheese's hearth's warming eve rainbow daschuck norrischuck norris horrischuck norris ponychuck testachucklechucklingchugchunkyciancidercigarcigarettecirclescircular logiccitation neededcitizen kanecitizen raritycityclamclanclapclappingclasicclass 101classicalclassroomclassyclassy bitches be likeclawclawsclaycleaningcleanse of all foulnessclelestiaclicheclickclicky clickycliffcliffhangerclimaxclintoncloakclockclock is tickingclock. is. ticking!clockwork orangeclockwork pinkiecloneclonesclopclop clopclop clop clopclop fictionclopficclopingclopperclopperscloppingclopplaudingclose doorclose your mouthclose-upclosed doorclosed eyesclosetcloset bronycloseupclothclothescloudcloud 10cloud babycloud bustingcloud kickercloud swimmingcloudchasercloudhousecloudkickercloudscloudsdalecloudsdale devcloudsdale downcloudsdale shenanigansclouime ouyut?clubclub can't even handle this shitclub can't handle meclubbingclubhouseclubhouse intelligencecluckcluck the policeclumsyclutchingcmccmcnncmere someone needs a hugco ja czytamcoachcocainecockcockblockcockneycockpitcockscockslapping is magiccocoacodecode visioncoffeecoffee grants +1 dexteritycoffeespewcokecoke master racecoldcold sweatcold- flamecold-flamecolegatecolgatecolgate playing basscolgate seal of approval happycolgatewatcolguitarcollapsecolonelcolor and tiara in floridacolor is best colorful ponycolor is herecolor swagcoloradocolorbffcoloredcolorfulcolorswirlcolouredcoloured by csubakkacoltcolt 45coltscombatcombat rollcombocome at mecome at me brocome at me bro!come at me bronycome at me darlingcome closercome get somecome herecome here for a seccome hug me brocome love me brocome oncomedycomet tailcomfortcomiccomic nofucksgiven raritycomic sanscomic stripcoming outcommandcommander hurricanecommandingcommentscommiecommiescommon carnival farecommunismcommunistcommunist manifestocompilationcomplainingcomplete global derpinationcompletely nonsexualcomputercomputer hugcomputer problemscomputer'scomradecon maneconcernconcernedconcertconchatumadre.condescendingcondomconfederacyconfessionconfetticonfidentconflictconflictedconflicted emotionsconfluttershyconfoundconfound itconfound these poniesconfound these ponies they drive me to drinkconfound this worldconfound those poniesconfusedconfused snipezconfusionconfuzzled gostconga linecongratulationsconjiconji x bootyconjismileconnaponiconnect the dotsconnorconnorbotconnorcpuconsoleconsole gamingconspiracyconspiracy lunaconspiracy theoryconstipatedcontain your orgasmscontemplatecontentcontextcontinuecontinuitycontractcontract?contraptioncontroversialconvertcookcookiecookiescookies is gaycoolcool meme brocool spikecool storycool story brocool story bronycoolercoolest fishcopcope with the circumstancescopscorditecorncorn cakescorn storecornnuggetscorpsecorruptedcosmic horrorcosorvecosplaycostanzacostanza.jpgcostumecottoncotton candycouchcoughcoughingcould have been worsecountdowncounter pony hatecountertrollcountingcountrycouragecourage the 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this is a motherfucking game?do you want this cakedo you want this ciderdo you want to go to the moondoc browndoctordoctor fluttershydoctor sparkledoctor whoovesdoctor whooves and assistantdoctor zadoctor!doeetdoes fluttershy have to smack a bitchdoes knot up disk jealousydoes not approvedoes not computedoes this look like the face of mercydoes this look like the face of mercy?does this upset you?does your brain work right?doesn't approvedoesn't matter pinkie piedogdog collardog pissdog vaginasdogedohdohwellhellotheredoingdoing it wrongdolandolan twilightdolldollsdolphindoltasticdomestic abusedominatedominationdon vitodon'tdon't ask to askdon't be maddon't be mad pleasedon't be saddon't be sodon't be such a silly pantsdon't caredon't do drugsdon't do itdon't do thatdon't eat thatdon't feed the animalsdon't forgetdon't forget you're here foreverdon't fuck this updon't fuck with medon't get itdon't give a fuckdon't godon't go alonedon't go theredon't go to beddon't go to bed!don't go to sleepdon't hatedon't hate me because i'm beautifuldon't hate me because i'm perfectdon't hate poniesdon't have to explaindon't hurt me i'm shy!don't knowdon't know if likedon't know what i'm doingdon't know what you're talking aboutdon't lookdon't look at thisdon't make me hug you.don't mess with medon't pointdon't staph spike!don't understanddon't wantdon't worrydon't worry folks she's okaydonedonkeydonniedontdont go to sleepdont let this nigga in aj... dont let this nigga idont start yet i want a good angledontbeadickdonut joedoodoodledoomdoomeddoomguydoordoor hangerdoped_updorkdosey doedotdot dot dotdot-eyesdoubledouble facehoofdouble rainboomdouble rainbowdouble rapedouble takedouble visiondouble-barrelldouble-barrelleddoubleddoublesdoublethinkdoubtdoubtfuldouchebagdoucher visordoughnut joedovahkiindovahshydowndrdr whooves is gaydr whooves seal of approvaldr. adorabledr. fluttershydr. fluttershy's ordersdr. insanodr. octagonapusdr. whoovesdr.octagonapusdraculadragondragon ball 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withold my enthusiasmforgot the beardforkformformationformulafortunefortune tellerfortune tellingforumforum weaponfossfoul bachelor spikefound your pornfound your stashfour ponies and a time machinefourth wallfourth wall breakingfourth wall contactfox mulderfpsframedfrank sinatrafrankly i'm just happy to be here todayfrat boyfrazzledfreak outfreakazoidfreaking outfreaky fredfrecklesfreddiefreddie mercuryfreefree candyfree candy?free gamesfree magicfree marketsfree softwarefree to distributefreedomfreezefreeziefrenchfreshfresh princefresh prince of bel airfresh prince of bel-airfridayfriendfriendly mushroomfriendsfriendshine sparkfriendshipfriendship and freedom foreverfriendship and magicfriendship arsenalfriendship bookfriendship everywherefriendship gamesfriendship goes wherefriendship is animefriendship is cutenessfriendship is deadfriendship is hufigpufhidofriendship is magicfriendship is magic bitchfriendship is magic part 1friendship is so mainstreamfriendship is 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eyeballsfuck you! no fuck you!fuck youjeremyfuck your shitfuckedfucked behind the bushfucked upfucked with the wrong ponyfuckersfuckingfucking amazingfucking auto-correctfucking cutefucking hellfucking jesus! jesus he is a dick!fucking kiddingfucking love poniesfucking pussiesfucking reallyfucking really?!fucking savedfucking shitfucking sucksfuckitshipitfucksfucks = 0fucks givenfucks given zero angel fluttershy cryingfucks i givefucks not givenfucks were givenfucks=0fuckyoufuglyfuhorsefuk ufukken lolfukken ravedfukken savedfulfillmentfullfull borefull bronyfull derpfull free pressfull marksfull metal jacketfull of fuckfull of shitfull of yourselffull pointsfulttershy cosplayfumeifumei euefumei hugsfumei is best fumeifumei lovefumei no homofumei<3fumeisexualfunfun allowedfun fun funfun intensifiesfunkfunkyfunky headgearfunnyfunny censorfunny facefuq u give me creditfurfagfuriousfurriesfurryfurudefuryfus ro dafus ro dahfus ro yayfutafutajackfutanarifutashyfutashy?futuramafuture twifuture twilightfuture twilight sparklefuufuuu-fuuuuufuzzy ponyfuzzy wuzzyfwittarsg1g1.5g2g3g3.5g4gaaaaaayy!gabby gumsgabengaggagagahgakgak!gakgakgakgalagala dressgala outfitgalactusgallopgallopinggaloshesgamegame boygame grumpsgame mastergame of thronesgamegrumpsgamergamer lunagamesgaminggaming wildlifegandalfganggang signgangam stylegangnam stylegangstagangstergapegaping plot holegarbagegarbage daygarblegarrys modgas maskgasolinegaspgasp! (phatt)gastongatling gungatling twilightgavalanchegaygay <3gay because it has poniesgay pridegay spike froo froo girlygayburngaze into the abyssgears turninggeeking outgeezgehooganflurglegemgemsgender bendergendogendo ikarigendo posegeneralgeneric happy imagegeneticsgeniusgenocidegentlegentlecoltsgentledragonsgentlemangentlemaregentlemaresgentlemengentoogenuinely offensivegeorge costanageorge costanzageorge foremangermangermsternsgeronimo!gesturegesturinggetget a load of this guyget back to the kitchenget dunkedget hypeget hypedget inget meget off my lawnget on my levelget on with itget outget out of this threadget over here b****get ready for sexget rektget someget the buck outget the buckt outget the creepypasta outget the fuck outget toldget well soonget your shit togethergets bettergetting funkygetting highgetting rapedgetting real tired of your shitgetting roughgetting tired of your shitgetting upgeygftoggggggggheygheyy is gheyygheyyyyyyghostghost storiesghost storyghostbustersgiantgiant hatgiant hatsgiantessgiddy upgiddy_upgifgiftgiggitygigglegiggle at the ghostiegiggle at the ghostiesgiggle at the ghostlygiggle at the ghostygigglinggildagilda wants you to shut up hdgilgameshgimme gimme gimme!gimme your dirty soulginger ponigirgiraffegiraffesgirlsgirls gettin craygirls laughinggirls stop fightinggirls-laughing.jpggirlygit er' donegivegive a fuckgive a shitgive her timegive it a lickgive it a secgive it to megive megive me a sec let me search my bags for a fuck to givecreditgivesgivinggiving a fuckgiving birthgiygasgladgladiatorgladosglamorous brohoofglareglaringglassglass humpingglass slipperglass yaglassesgleeglitchglobalglobeglompglorious derpleaderglorious fatherlandglory holeglowglowingglowing eyesglowstickgmodgnomego aheadgo ahead and hate i'm hate proofgo ahead make my daygo applejack gogo applejack go!go awaygo back to ponychango down with the shipgo for itgo fornicate thyselfgo fuck a cactusgo fuck a doggo fuck yourselfgo gummygo home fluttershygo ongo on it pleases usgo on...go outsidego the fuck to sleepgo to bedgo to bed now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!go to breadgo to sleepgoatgodgod i fucking hate filling out these goddamn tags god i love booksgod no.god that's cutegod tiergod whygod-emperor of mankindgoddessgodotgods that's cutegoggleboobsgogglesgoing insanegoing to bedgokugoldgold powdergold stargold toothgoldbraingolden crispygolden harvestgolden oak librarygonna barfgonna get rapedgonna git rapedgonna pukegoodgood gamegood gravy she's nakedgood heavens just look at the timegood heavens just look at the time!good ideagood jobgood luckgood luck i'm behind seven poniesgood luck i'm behind seven proxiesgood news everyonegood news everyponygood nightgood onegood postgood shitgood showgood thoughtsgoodbyegoodnightgoof-off challengegoofing offgoofygooglegoogle logogooglewpgordon freemangoregorillagorygory pinkie piegoshgosh momgostgot caught posting poniesgot ganked tearzgot mailgot shit to dogothgotta catch 'em all is what i saidgotta catch them allgotta draw a new batterygotta go fastgotta peegouge out eyesgovernmentgowwygowwy~goygoyimgr8 b8gr8 b8 m8graaahgrabgrabbing pillsgrade a jellygraham coxon blur mane 6 huggrammargrammar nazigramophonegrampa gruffgrand galloping galagrandpagrannygranny piegranny smithgrapegrape juicegrapedgrapesgraphgrassgrasshoppergratefulgrauitus englishgravitygravity defying weirdshitnessgravity fallsgraygrayscalegreatgreat and powerfulgreat and powerful trixiegreat scottgreat scott!greecegreedygreengreen bodygreen eyesgreen goblingreen is not your colorgreen isn't your colorgreen textgreenscreengreentextgreetinggreetingsgreetings from derpy hoovesgrenadegreygrey noisegreyscalegriefgriffingriffongriffon the brush-offgriffonsconegrillgrim facegrimdarkgringrindgrinninggritting teethgroangroggygroovegroovinggrossgrossoutgrotesqueground-scrapinggroup huggrovelgrowlgrrgrrrgrrrrrgrumpgrumpygta ivgtfogtfo darlinggtfo!guardguard ponyguardponygudguess i've got brain problemsguess whatguess what? i don't give a fuckguess who's a fagetguildguiltyguiseguise srslyguitargulpgumbygummygummy does not give one shitgummy doesn't give a sh*tgummy on your computer lookin at yo porngungun shootinggunsgunshotgustagustavgustav le grandgustaveguvadt szemekguyragypsygypsy piegypsy pinkiegypsy pinkie is canonhhaha haha ha haha ha i have no idea what the fuck i'm doingha ha internetsha ha time for poniesha ha!ha ha! time for poniesha!haaaaahabitatianshah fuck thathahahaha nohaha time for ponieshaha! businesshaha! time for ponies!hahahahahaha so funny!!hahahaha nohahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahailhail hyrdahairhaircuthairfliphaitihallad grimhallad~halloweenhamhamlethammerhammer and sicklehammer timehammershammocancerhammockhammock stophammock...handhand over the droidhandgunhandshandshakehandshakinghandsomehandsome facehang in therehang in there baby!hang outhanging outhanging wit my bronieshanging with my bronieshangouthangout grammarhangouts pic lolhank hillhank ponyhannéhannukahhappeninghappyhappy birthdayhappy birthday pinkie piehappy dancehappy endinghappy happy joy joyhappy happy joy joy suggestivehappy lunahappy pinkie pie contenthappy to see youhappyfacehappypeellzhappypills overdosehappysadhar harharbingerharbringerhardhard hathard to love and toleratehardcorehardly know herharemharkhark a vagrantharley quinnharmonicaharshwhinnyhashasbrohathatehate lifehate my lifehate shieldshateproofhaterhater gonna hatehatershaters gonna hatehateshatinhatin'hatinghatlesshatshauntedhavehave i mentioned that you're so amazinghave sexhave to farthave you ever been to 4chanhaving funhaw hawhawthayhay balehay guisehayscartes' methodhazardhazardous materialhazmathazmat suithazy dazehbpphe comeshe got jokeshe hath borne me on his back a thousand timeshe kinda ishe madhe manhe wants all the cakeshe-manhe-manehe-ponyheadhead banghead banginghead bobhead bobbing partyhead bophead canonhead on hooveshead shakehead shakinghead shotheadbangheadbangingheadcanonheaddeskheadeatingwallpaper?headlessheadless horseheadphonesheadsetheadshotheartheart attackheart eyesheartbrokenhearth's warminghearth's warming eveheartshearts and hooveshearts and hooves dayheartsplosionheartstringsheavyheavy breathingheavy sleeperhedgehee hee heeeheedheeeheehawhegs to the nawhehheh this web is stupid!!!!hehe..heheheheheuhehhaheahuehheilhelements of armoryhelicopterhellhell fucking yeahhell hooferhell nohell yeahhella jeffhellohello girlshello is your brain workinghello lighthello little girlhello man i'm pissed off and just take my fuckin ghello ms. sparkle i am the architecht matrix mlp fhello new friend my name is fredhello therehello there fillyhello?hellooo nursehelmethelphelp mehelp me i can't shithelpinghelplesshenchhenshinhentaihentai quotesherherdherehere i gohere take all my bitshere we gohere we go againhere we go!here's an ideahere's the doorhere's the earthhere's your deliveryhere's your signheresyhermit crabherobrineheroinherpherp derpherpy dooveshesitanthesitatehetaliaheterophobicheyhey check this out this guy loves ponieshey everybodyhey fuck youhey girlhey guess what nopony gives a fuckhey guyshey guys check this outhey hey heyhey hey hey stay out of my shedhey i fucking love youhey listenhey look a talking butthey mullohey sexy ladyhey therehey yahey you!hey!hey! look what i can do!hey...heybabyheyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaahhgnnnhhhhnnngggggghhhnnnggghhhnnngggghhnnnnngggghihi girlshi girls!hi pomahi therehi there i'm spongebobhi there little gnomehichiccuphidarkyhiddenhidden picturehidehide and seekhide under tablehide-and-seekhidinghifirehighhigh and lowhigh as fuckhigh classhigh fivehigh octane nightmare fuelhigh reshigh.highfivehigurashihigurashi no naku koro nihiiiiiiiiiiighwaaaaaay tooooo thehilarioushindenburghink hallhippie piehipsterhipster fluttershyhipter a friend in deedhisshithit that harder than a freight trainhit the saucehitlerhitler lovehitlerpiehitmonchanhitting the saucehmmhmm nahhmm where it ishmm?hmm...hmmmhmmm...hmmmmhmmphfhmphhnghngggghnnghnnnghnnngghnnnnghnnnnnghnnnnnnghnnnnnng!hnnnnnnnggghnnnnnnnnnnnnghnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngho twuailaithocus pocushoershoh shithoity toityhokayhokuto no kenholdhold ithold it right therehold onhold upholdingholehole in the universeholihollowholy chocolate mountainholy fakkin bawlz batman this i some scary azz sheholy fuckholy fucking shit that armholy goucamoleholy hellholy shi-holy shitholy shit its realholy shit spamhomeboyhomerhomestuckhomeworkhomohomophobiahomophobichomophobic sealhomurahonestyhonkhoohoo!hooborfhoodhoodiehoodieshoofhoof beathoof bitehoof bumphoof goes wherehoof holdhoof in mouthhoof quoteshoof tapinghoofbonerhoofbumphooficuffshoofinghoofing ithoofmouthhoofpalmhoofquoteshoofshoofs togetherhoofshakehoofticuffshoophoorayhooveshooves crossedhooves i has themhooves uphoovesinmouthhophope posterhoppinghornhornbutthornless unicornhornshornyhorrendoushorrible artisthorrible punhorriblevillehorrifichorrifiedhorrifyinghorrorhorsehorse facehorse meathorse pornographyhorse powerhorse radish jelly me gustahorsepowerhorsewordshospitalhothot air balloonhot bloodedhot blooded pinkie piehot chocolatehot cup ofhot diggety demonhot for teacherhot gluehot saucehot-bloodedhot-blooded pinkie piehotdiggedydemonhotdiggedydemon.comhotdiggetydemonhotdiggetydemon.comhotdiggidydemonhotdiggitydemonhotdigidemonhotdogshotity totityhourhour glasshourglasshousehoverhoveringhow about a nice cup of please be quiethow about a nice cup of shut the fuck uphow about i slap your shithow about i slap your shit?how about i twist your shithow about nohow about some muffinshow bout i slap your shithow bout i twist your shithow bout nohow can i say nohow can you hate mehow could you say thathow dare youhow did it get in herehow did they knowhow do i magichow do you typehow does that even fit in there?how equestria was madehow high are youhow i look when i play dead spacehow i rollhow is this my lifehow manyhow many dicks does roxly havehow they make me feelhow to be a hamsterhow unfabuloushow vulgarhow's about a wanna have a pizza pie?howdyhttp://dittoprize.tumblr.com logohubblehublogohubrishuddledhughug bro?hug me brohug requesthug siffahug the shit out of youhug them hoofihug timehugehuge eyeshugginghugging without consenthugh jellyhugshugs are boringhugs hugs everywherehugs!!!!!!!!!!!hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hugs?huhhuh huh huh?huh?hulk hoganhumanhuman behaviorhuman formhuman lyra ew gayhuman ponieshuman ponypedehuman rarityhumanizehumanizedhumanshumans!humblehummingwayhumoroushumourhumphungryhur durhur hur hurhurdurhurlhurrhurr durrhurr durr derp herphurr i'm a hoershurr im a hoershurricane fluttershyhurricane-shyhurrrrhurthurtinghusbandohush now quiet nowhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunghghuzzahhving funhydrazinehypehype trainhypedhyperhyperactivehypest bronyhypnopiehypnoponyhypnosishypnotichypnoticallyhypnotizehypnotizedhypnotrixiehypothesizehyrdaii added a ponyi agreei ahm on teh entarnoti ain't budgin'i ain't even madi ain't gotta explaini ain't gotta explain anythingi ain't gotta explain shiti almost gave a fucki almost give a fuck...i am a bad person for making thisi am a brony. and i am hanging here. thats what bri am a filly and what is thisi am a wizardi am a wizard fear mei am become deathi am derpyi am digging thisi am disapointi am disappointi am galactusi am going to kill ui am im a and what is thisi am in ur tree making everything d'awwi am not good with computeri am not sure if i troll someponiei am pinkiei am sexyi am sicki am sick of your shiti am the 20%i am the nighti am watching youi approvei ask thou to check em for the fun has been doublei baked you a pinkie piei became fabulousi believe youi beti blamei brought a piei brought the pie now it's a partyi brought you a rosei bucking love booksi camei came paperi came!i came*i can clop toi can clop to thati can clop to thisi can count to potatoi can count to wingbonersi can explaini can fap to thati can fap to thisi can hardly contain myselfi can read you like a booki can see foreveri can see into infinityi can see the matrixi can tell from the pixelsi can'ti can't believe it's not butteri can't believe this shiti can't brain todayi can't clop to thati can't clop to thisi can't eat this i'll get fati can't fap to thati can't fap to thisi can't feed on thisi can't find all the pictures of ponies!i can't handle this typoi can't hear youi can't read loli can't see shiti cant see shiti cant' tell if using friendshipi choose youi claim this thread in the name of ponyi comei could get more party for the booze!i could teach you but i'd have to chargei dare youi derp'di derpedi did it for the lovei did not ask for this feeli didn't learn anythingi didn't listeni didn't mean to scare youi didn't need to sleep tonight anywayi disagree with youi do not give a fucki do not think it means what you think it meansi do what i wanti don t. care what to play with its not play time i don't always make memesi don't always watch a show for little girsli don't believe ui don't believe youi don't carei don't eveni don't feeli don't feel alone reallyi don't feel fabulousi don't get iti don't give a bucki don't give a flying featheri don't give a fucki don't give a fuck have an applei don't give a shiti don't have to explaini don't knowi don't know if gustai don't know what i expected... bronies brony how i don't know where the food wenti don't know why the fuck i like thisi don't like reading anymorei don't like this threadi don't like where this is goingi don't need to explaini don't support thisi don't think i like reading anymorei don't think soi don't think you understandi don't wanna sleepi don't want to sleepi don't want to sleep i want to post poniesi donknowi dont carei dont give a fucki dont knowi dont like thisi dont what?i double datei drawed a horseyi dunnoi dunno but who cares?i dunno loli dunno lol derpy hoovesi enjoyed time with youi enjoyed time with you now get outi expected nothingi failedi fartedi feel another poopie coming oni feel another rainbow coming on.i feel prettyi find this hard to clop toi find your lack of faith disturbingi fluttered myselfi for onei for one welcome our new pony overlordsi found pills and ate themi found this underi freaking love booksi frew upi fucking lovei fucking love cocainei fucking love partiesi fucking love youi get it ... its a sheepi givei give a shiti give upi gonna kill you bitchi got a ponyi got thisi got you right where i want youi guessi guess you could say that we are all butt buddiesi had fun oncei had fun once and it was awfuli had fun once it was awfuli has a ponyi has an interneti has magici hate all of youi hate ponies!!i hate youi hate your facei have a chickeni have a great ideai have altered your poniesi have an interneti have done nothingi have done nothing productive all dayi have found no fucks to givei have gasi have no ideai have no idea what i'm doingi have no idea what the fuck is going on right nowi have no idea what you're talking abouti have opinions on the interneti have so much strength inside mei have thei have the dumbi have the dumb.i have the poniest boneri have the weirdest bone chair right nowi have the weirdest boneri have the weirdest boner right nowi have the wingest boneri have wingsi haz a sad naoi heard you likei heard you like poniesi heard you like rainbow dashi heard you like xi imagined you dead and now you are rarity insane i jizzedi justi just don't know what went wrongi just wanted to keep smiling foreveri kill youi knew it...i know how to readi know i'm awesomei know that feeli know that feel broi know what went wrongi liedi likei like helping the ponyfolki like iti like my little ponyi like poniesi like readingi like thisi like this threadi like this thread tia tiaface derp wuti like what i seei like where this is goingi like where this thread is goingi like youi like you lets be friendsi liked iti liked it before it was 20% cooleri lol'di loldi look like a dorki looooove to molest fillys.i lost my swagi lost the gamei lovei love all of youi love derping aroundi love iti love maili love poniesi love ponies.i love thisi love to make you smilei love what you didi love youi love you always<3i love you dwinthyi love you phatti love you so muchi love you this muchi madi miss mommy phatti missed youi moustache you a questioni musn'ti must ask you a questioni must ask you to provide evidencei must ass you to provide evidencei must be awesome theni must goi must go my muffin needs mei need a drinki need an adulti need my fixi need picturesi need themi need to goi never really was on your sidei objecti object not cutei ponder...i posted pinkie piei present to you a blank sheet of paperi puti put on my robe and my wizard hati put on my robe and wizard hati quiti r ofendi really like her manei regret nothingi reject your realityi rest my casei rulei run this shiti sadi said heyi saw what you did therei sayi say thee nayi say thee neighi say we take off and befriend the site from orbiti say we take off and nuke the site from orbiti seei see dati see some thingsi see some things man and some stuffi see what you did therei see what you did there and i don't like iti see youi seen some shiti seriously hope you guys don't do thisi shall sing you the song of my peoplei ship iti should goi smell a burritoi spend too much time on facebooki spy a trolli stole your facei stole your knife!!!i suppose i'll participatei sweari swear to godi think i can clop to thisi think i can see the crystal universei think i'm having a strokei think noti think she said we're always welcome in her shedi think somebody needs a hugi think the acid is kicking ini think you messed up on the loop there broi think you need another hugi thought i told you to stay indoorsi thought i was wearing pants...i thought it was funnyi thought it was pretty goodi thought only stallions had thosei thought you wanted whiningi thought you was a ponyi threw it on the grooooounnnnnnndddddddddddddddddi told youi told you about stairs broi turn my back on you for one second and i catch yi wanna be a ponyi wanna be a pony and live in equestriai wanna post ponies!i wanti want a fluttershy!i want a hugi want day prize insidei want iti want it nowi want it right nowi want pictures of himi want poniesi want to be a ponyi want to be a pony and live in equestriai want to believei want to look at cool things on interneti want you to shut upi wanted to keep on smiling foreveri was doing nothingi was graped by my sister as a fillyi was likei wasn't doing anythingi wasn't prepared for thisi wasn't sleepingi watch it for the ploti watched mlp when it was hand-drawni wave my hair back and forthi whip my bear back and forthi whip my hair back and forthi whip my mane back and forthi whip my tail back and forthi will be your guidei will cut youi will destroy heri will destroy you and everything you love.i will destroy youi will destroy you rarity madi will eat youi will eat you you little shiti will end youi will go down with this shipi will kick you in the dicki will murder your familyi will rip everything you likei will wipe the shit outta youi wish i could unseei wish i had handsi wish i had one of thosei wish i was a ponyi won't even...what?i wont bitei wont fuck ui worryi would hug a pony non-sexuallyi write the ponisi youi`m a piece of shiti'd hit iti'd hit thati'd hug thati'd like to be a treei'd tap thati'lli'll be leaving nowi'll cut youi'll destroy heri'll destroy it!!!i'll get my popcorni'll glass yai'll just leave you two alone theni'll make a new outfit from your skini'll miss youi'll murder your family computeri'll play alongi'll punch youi'll rek ui'll rek u m8i'll ride a bicycle of science into your anusi'll show you something worthy of canterlot!i'll watch from up here while you kill each otheri'll wear your skin while you sleepi'll wreck your shiti'mi'm a brony deal with iti'm a fillyi'm a filly and what is thisi'm a filly and what the fuck is thisi'm a hoersi'm a naughty girli'm a ponyi'm a princessi'm a sexy lady?i'm a treei'm a trout and what is thisi'm above this bullshiti'm actually a colti'm americani'm at iti'm awesomei'm backi'm beautifuli'm beautiful admire mei'm behind seven poniesi'm beingi'm being adorablei'm being adorable and no one can stop mei'm being adorable and nopony can stop mei'm being silly and no one can stop mei'm being silly and nopony can stop mei'm bluffin'i'm bluffin' with my muffini'm bluffingi'm busyi'm comingi'm coming for you hasbro!!!!!!!!i'm confused phatti'm derp with thisi'm disgustedi'm donei'm done with thisi'm drunk fillies!i'm evili'm excitedi'm fabulousi'm firing my lazor!i'm flawlessi'm fuckingi'm going need more popcorni'm going to bedi'm going to needi'm going to need both hands for thisi'm going to need more popcorni'm going to need two amulets for this onei'm going to need two party cannonsi'm gonna barfi'm gonna be sicki'm gonna cry nowi'm gonna enjoy thisi'm gonna hurli'm gonna kick your assi'm gonna kill you and rape the bodyi'm gonna pukei'm gonna read iti'm gonna try sciencei'm gonna wreck it!i'm happyi'm happy your argument is invalidi'm having a strokei'm here but now i'm herei'm highi'm invisiblei'm just about to be brillianti'm just awesomei'm just awesome like thati'm just trollingi'm laughing so hard that i'm cryingi'm liking thisi'm liking this ideai'm listeningi'm mad at you!!!!! jki'm not a lesbiani'm not done yeti'm not even gonna edit the tagsi'm not gayi'm not mad at alli'm not mad i aint even dissapointi'm not movingi'm not pleasedi'm not saying it was aliensi'm not saying it'si'm not taking any shit todayi'm not tardyi'm not trollingi'm not whining i'm complannig.i'm not your personal jokei'm ok with thisi'm okay with thisi'm on a boati'm on a drug it's called poniesi'm on cracki'm on iti'm on the internetsi'm outi'm out of herei'm outta herei'm pleasedi'm ponyingi'm reading about them nowi'm readyi'm ready to tear you aparti'm right herei'm right you are wrongi'm silly and you can't stop mei'm so above this shiti'm so alonei'm so baked right nowi'm so bored!i'm so confusedi'm so excited!i'm so fresh you can suck my nutzi'm so highi'm so high right nowi'm so hornyi'm so pathetici'm so sorry deari'm sorryi'm sorry for wasting your timei'm staring deep into your souli'm still soberi'm talking to youi'm tellingi'm the bossi'm tiredi'm too good for thisi'm trying hard to love youi'm watching youi'm watching you clop!i'm you from the futurei'm your leaderi'ma cut youi'mma snuggle youi'mma stab you with my horni'ts magici'vei've been a bad cloud somepony spank mei've been a bad ponyi've done nothing productive all dayi've got my eye on youi've got my eyes on youi've got poniesi've got the dumbsi've had this dreami've seen betteri've seen some shiti've seen thingsi've seen this kind of thing before this can only i&#039;m not done yet!iceice creamice skatingichoricingicpicwutudidtharid hit thatid hit that with a shovelid tap thatidabroniesideaidekidependuntidgafidiocyidiotidiotsidkidk here's applejackidleidontcareidontgiveafuckidwieif i had a middle fingerif i had fingersif i had fingers you'd be looking at one right nowif i had fingers you'd see one right nowif ya know what i meanif you don't like poniesif you don't mindif you know what i meanif you really want me toif you say soif you want toif you're so greatignisignorant postignoredignoringigualesijsillill eat youillnessillogicalilluminatiimim asleepim going to make love to youim going to rape youim guna kill uim just sayinim not saying it was muffinsim on a boatim so fresh you can suck my nutzim so fuckedim so jelly that im jamim the best ponyim tiredim trying to thinkimageimage macroimage not foundimage to see before bed...imaginationimma chillimma fuck you upimma let you finishimmatoonlinkimmature tagging warimminent deathimminent hugimminent listmakingimminent rapeimminent readingimpliedimplied clopimplied facepalmimplied hammersimplied having funimplied rapeimplied seximplied voreimplyingimplying cutie markimplyyyingimportantimpossibleimpossibronyimpossibruimposterimpostorsimpracticalimpressedimproper grammarinin a nutshellin bedin before closedin before the lockin canada milk comes in bagsin case of emergenciesin case of emergencyin denialin equestira milk comes in applesin lovein painin progressin real lifein the cloudsin the mouth of madnessin the stablein this threadin which orderin your dreaminappropriateinb4modsincincandesceinceptionincomingincoming funincoming ponyincoming shitstormincorrect spellingindeedindigoindoor voiceindubitablyinductionineffectiveinevitableinfiniteinfinite faceinfinite sunglassesinflatableinflatedinflating hairingenious rockinglipinhaleinigo montoyainjuredinkie pieinnocentinnuendoinquisitioninsaneinsane clown posseinsane dashinsane happy faceinsane sparkleinsanityinsanity wolfinsertstupidtaghereinsideinslulininsomniainsomnilight sparkleinstant goose bumps!instant orgyinstant shippinginstructionsinsulininsultinsultedintenseintense glareintensifiedintensifiesintensifyintensityinterestedinterestinginteresting postinterior crocodile alligatorinternallyinternetinternet argumentinternet discussioninternet dramainternet explorerinternet explorer in a nutshellinternet fightinternet huginternet. wat r u doin. internet. stahpinterrogateinterrogationinterruptinterruptioninterwebzintimidateintimidationintj celestia princess character type junginto friendshipintriguedinvader ziminvalidinventoryinvestigationinvisibleinvisible neckinvisible stallioninviteirliron giantiron hard absiron willironyirrelevantirreparably rustledisis dis nigga srsis embarrasedis fucking nothingis gaming wildlife you eye fucks!is he joking? i'm not sureis highis it really that timeis it safe?is it xdis moonis saying well= pleaseis she on the brink of tears in every pictureis somepony butthurt?is somepony doing science in here?is that bikini bottom?is that sois that your dickis that your dick?is this faggot seriousis this nigger serious? i hope notis this safe?is this zebra serious?is time of dubstepiseewhatyoudidthere i see what you did there trixiishimondoishygddtislandisn't that just lovelyissacissue?itit ain't easy being breeziesit ain't gonna suck itselfit almost workedit beginsit burnsit burns my soulit came from behindit drives me to poniesit feels so goodit gets worseit goes where shining armor face wants cadance uhhit has begunit hurtsit hurts to liveit is a new academy recordit is a new recordit is liesit is onit is sadit isn't that badit never finishesit pleases meit says you're a faggotit says you're gayit stares backit tastes just like raisinsit was a crazy weekend of studyingit was a good idea at firstit was awfulit was doubledit was humansit was this bigit wasn't pornit wasn't porn i swearit will be fun they saidit will involve poniesit will only get worseit won't biteit'll be fun they saidit's a cat-astropheit's a conspiracyit's a conspiracy manit's a new recordit's a rock fact over the garden wall hearthbreakeit's a trapit's a trap!it's about love and kindnessit's about rocksit's about timeit's awesomeit's badit's beautifulit's bucking on now chapsit's coolit's dangerous to go aloneit's dangerous to go alone take thisit's fineit's full of starsit's glorious outsideit's happeningit's hugeit's just a boxit's magicit's not always gonna be this grayit's not fairit's not polite to pointit's not what i dreamedit's onit's overit's over 9000it's over nine thousandit's rape timeit's ridiculousit's rude to pointit's so cuteit's so fluffy i'm gonna dieit's so trueit's that awfulit's that time againit's the only way to be sureit's the perfect planit's the weekendit's the weekend and i'm still soberit's this thread againit's timeit's time to man the fuck upit's time to stop postingit's time to take out the adorable trashit's tortoises all the way upit's trueit's wierd because i have a big sisteritalyitchitchy noseits all ogreits badits beautifulits happeningits ok when fritters does itits party timeits pony timeits so truuuue!its twolat sporkle's balloon!!its your birthdayittiunnoive got a wingboneriwishthiswasluna.jpgiwo jimaj #j jamesonj.j. abramsjaja ja jajabba the pinkiejackjack danielsjackassjackie chanjacob pritchettjacqueline with flowersjamjamaikajamesjames bondjamminjammingjanglesjapanesejapanese guyjappleackjarjaw droppingjd captionjealousjealousyjeeeeenkiiiiinsjeepjeepaloojeezjellyjelly jigglerjelly ponyjelly?jerkjesusjesus christjesus christ how horrifyingjesus christ that's horrifyingjesus christ thats horrifyingjesus fuckjesus the fuck ? what are shit? fuckjetjet-propelledjewjeweleryjewelryjewelsjewishjewlessjfkjfkhjcghbjiggle my boobs smittyjimbobsjimmiesjimmies rustledjimmyjimmy rustlingjinxjitters my crittersjizzjizz in my pantsjizzed in my pantsjizzed my pantsjizzed on my flankjj abramsjkjoan osbornejobjobsjoejoe bidenjoe konyjohn maddenjohnsjoin the herdjoin usjoin us we have muffinsjointjokejokerjokingjolly good showjontronjosef fritzljoseph ducreuxjoyjoyfistsjoystickjpegjpgjubilantjudasjudgejudgesjudgingjudgmentjudhudsonjuicejuice boxjuiceboxjuicyjukebox herojumpjump aroundjump scarejumpingjumpscarejupiterjus' chillin'justjust a boxjust about anything reallyjust after sexy timejust as pinkie plannedjust as plannedjust askjust bend overjust causejust chillinjust chillingjust do it wimpjust do it you wimpjust for sidekicksjust fuckedjust got toldjust how i wanted itjust katjust kiddingjust kidding i posted lyrajust kidding i posted pinkie piejust kidding i posted pinkie pie!just leave this threadjust like usjust look at the timejust look at this messjust look at those fucking flowersjust nojust poopjust smile and wavejust so cutejust stopjust stop fighting itjust stop mejust the tipjust try and stop mejust try and stop me bitchjust try to stop mejust watchjust wowjust your opinionjust... dear fucking god why?!kkaakaa eyeskaibakaijukalaikalashnikovkamehamehakankekanke facekanye westkaratekat can't sleepkat failskat has a plankat lurkskat nervouskatamarikate beatonkawaiikawaii facekaykbaikc greenke$hakeenkeep calmkeep calm and flutter onkeep calm and piano onkeep cryingkeep it awaykeep nife awaykeep nife away from mekeep on rockin'keep outkeep postingkeep your coolkeikaku doorikenkenny logginskenshirokent brockmankermitkeshakeyboardkeyboard catkeyboard ponykfckhaaankickkick in the dickkick your asskickedkiddingkikinka 1 @ zc.478571787133577725785killkill all haterskill everythingkill itkill it kill it nowkill it with firekill mekill me nowkill myselfkill them allkill youkill yourselfkilledkilled them allkilling spreekimpfacekind of reminds me of the gamekind of wantkindlykindnesskindness timekindness.movkingking bronyking celestia.king harkinianking of the hillking princessking princess celestiaking sombraking_sombrakinkie piekinkie pie is watching youkinkie pie to the rescuekinkykinky piekinky pinkiekirakirbykisskiss already!!!kiss kisskiss me you foalkiss my asskiss my buttkissingkissy facekitbananakittenkitten hornskittykitty crykitty ponykitty smilekitzurukiviakinklonkklonk!!!knavekneelknifeknifehknight spikeknobheadknock outknocked outknowknow that feelknow what i meankokoedkonatakool aidkool-aidkornheiserkrabby pattieskrezzkronkerskronkowskikthxbaikung powkupakyle~kyubeyll:l0lwatlaadunvalvojalab coatlabellachlan templarladiesladies please contain your orgasmslady gagalady gaga referenceladybuglaglamelamplampshadelancelanguagelanka tippuulaowylaptoplaslas pegasus starelaserlaserslassolast rounduplast supperlatelaughlaugh at my painlaugh harderlaugherlaughinglaughing at youlaughing fillieslaughing lollaughs at your problemslaughterlauncherlaundrylaundry room spikelauren faustlawllaxlaying down the lawlazahhhhlazerlazorlazylazy thelazytooth tooth lazy the poopy jole debo de ganar a trollle happy merchantle merchant facele winkleafleaf-ing the dreamleafy greenleaning backwardsleapleap that wall...learn nothinglearn your roots you idiotlearnedleaveleave me aloneleavingleaving nowleaving threadleaving thread nowleaviwsoissiie pielebowskileekleekspinleeroooooooyleft hoofleft untaggedlegalizelegalize itlegend of zeldalellemme tell you somethinglemon heartslemongrableoleo is no manleo is ready for hugzleo reading codeleo sadleobedleoboredleoclassyleohappyleomodleopard bikinileosmindjustcrashedleotiredlesbianlesbienless stupidlessonlesson 0.lesson zerolessons from fluttershylet downlet golet go of your hatlet go of your hatelet her falllet it burnlet me explainlet me explain to ya why thats bullshitlet me explain to youlet me explain to you why that's adorablelet me explain to you why that's bullshitlet me explain to you why thats bullshitlet me explain why that is bullshitlet me explain why that's bullshitlet me explain why this is bullshitlet me get my popcornlet me google that for youlet me laugh even harderlet me laugh even harder!let me laugh harderlet me look that up for youlet me readlet me see your war facelet me take a closer looklet me tell you about my little ponylet me tell you something guyslet me tell you why that's bullshitlet me tell you why thats bullshitlet the fire purify the uncleanlet the friendship flow through youlet them starvelet's do itlet's do it on the tablelet's do thislet's get drunklet's get nakedlet's get wastedlet's go bowlinglet's have fun upstairslet's have sexlet's partylet's ride a bicycle made of science into your anulet's ride a bicycle made out of dreamslet's see itlets dancelets do thislets golets just waitlets just zap this bitch alreadylets see who you really arelets watch poniesletterlevellevilex veniamlez do disliarliarjacklibidolibrarylicklick my hooflickinglicking lipslicking my lipslidded eyeslielie downlie facelieflieslifelife is beautifullife is great fluttershy stonershy flutterhighlife is hardlife is ruinedlift the banlightlight switchlighteninglightinglighting dustlightninglightning boltlightning dustlightslik if u cri evteimlikelike a bawslike a bawzlike a bosslike a lisingelike a psychopathlike a sirlike i give a fucklike it or notlikeslillil blil miss raritylil waynelilbitlillefelilylily says nolimberlimbered uplimestonelingerielinklinuxlip bitelip flappinglipbitelipslips limbered upliquid prideliquorlistlist1alist1blist2alist2blist3alist3blistenlisten everyponylisten to melisteningliterallyliterally stonedlittlelittle bitlittle filly's roomlittlepiplivelive actionlive longliving the dreamlizard ponylkjllamalmaolmfaoloadload you piece of craploadingloading...loading...jglhuikj;ulobv melocutuslocutus of borglogiclogic is flawlogoloitumalollol banlol bitch diamond tiaralol bronieslol didnt readlol furrieslol furrylol he's so butthurtlol i don't knowlol i dunnolol i have no idealol idunnolol jklol lol lollol look at this faggotlol nolol nopelol perspectivelol pinkie pielol trolledlol watlol wutlol!loldunnololguiseiputataglollollookataglolnololollolwutlolwut?lolzlolzwoot101lonelylonely at nightlonely at night toolong facelong live the mangolong necklongfacelonginglooklook at all the countries that i used to ownlook at all the feathers i don't givelook at all the fucks i don't givelook at all the fucks i givelook at all the lovelook at all these peasantslook at how many fucks i give!look at melook at me aren't i adorablelook at me i'm raritylook at my facelook at my harplook at my horselook at photo number then look at picturelook at those flowerslook before you sleeplook downlook how much fun i'm havinglook like somebody's a little pony curiouslook of (dis)approvallook of disappointmentlook of disapprovallook onlook they all madlook upon my workslook upon my works ye mightylook what i can dolook what i can do!look y'alllook! they all mad!lookinglooking aroundlooking at my plot?looking at youlooking downlooking for fucks to givelooking out windowlooking sidewayslooks amused to melooks shopped to meloonloony lunaloony tuneslooool faceloooooooooollooploop de looploopyloose lips sink friendshipsloqlord have mercylord of the ringsloselose lips sink shipslosing controllosing itlosing my mindlost virginitylotrlots rode dis mouslelotuslotus blossomloudlouderlovablelovelove & tolerate the shit outta youlove and tolerancelove and toleratelove facelove foreverlove letterlove melove sex amor hijo hijalove spelllove the fellow ponieslove tolerate twilight sparkle alicornlove youlove-love-lovelovecraftlovecraftianlovelylovers gonna lovelovesloves berwyn codeweaver the mostloves connorcpuloves goldbrainloves solus puffabot galadressloves zeerawlovessoluslovessoluslupuslovey eyesloveyelow and highlow qualitylow resolutionlow self esteemlow-deflowered earslsdlsd tripluck box pink ocluckylucky starluigiluigi death starelulznalunaluna bronystateluna caps lockluna doubleluna eclipsedluna faggot pone derpluna gameluna in glassesluna lol look at this faggot reactionluna look at this faggot lolluna threadlunaarilunanyymilunar republiclunas gonna loonlunaticlunatic is meanlunatrolllunch boxluncolnlurklurk modelurk mode activelurk mode engagedlurk mode initiatedlurk mode on.lurkerlurkinglurkmodelurkmode engagedlyin applejacklyinglying downlying down sidewayslyralyra and bon bon save the worldlyra hearstringslyra heartsrings real life reality hands sitting plyra heartstring's sweet blisslyra heartstringslyra heartstrings sanchez party .mov parlyra holding a signlyra oh god why my eyeslyra realizes you are faggotlyra thinklyra would be proudlyra wtf why sick penis glasses my eyeslyra-stylelyrabonlyrelyrkmodem. bisonm8m8tomablemacmacarthurmachinemachine gunmacintoshmacromacrosmadmad unamused twilight equestria girlsmadagascarmadagaskarmadame le flourmaddie j borsboommaddymadnessmadness? this is poniesmadokamafiamafiatrixiemagazinemage ragemagimagicmagic duelmagic everywhere up in this bitchmagic kindergartenmagic manmagic of friendshipmagic overload pinkie piemagic says gtfomagic.movmagic'd the fuck upmagicalmagical mystery curemagnanimousmagnetsmagnifymagnifying glassmagnummah boimah manmah niggamah ponymaidmailmail maremailboxmailmanmailmaremainstreammaintenancemajormake it stopmake lovemake me proudmake my daymake new friends but keep discordmake or a girlmake outmake some friendsmake us gone wrongmakes any song bettermakes sensemakes you highmakeupmakeup smex rarity pinkie pie twilight sparklemalemalfunctionmalfunctioningmamamamamamamanman facemana 6mandaloremoviesmandowsmanemane 6mane sixmane six nomane-iacmane6manehattenmangomanhandsmanlight sparklemanlymanly spikemanly tearmanly tearsmanly tears were shed that daymanlytearsmanoeuvresmanticoremany tagsmapmapminecraftmaracasmarahutemaralize legaljuanamarble piemaremare do wellmare in the moonmare mayormaremmariachimarijuanamarijuanasmarilize leaguanamariomario balotelli italy germany meme twilight bookmario kartmario kart 8marital conflictmarital conflict no sex tonightmarkermarkipliermarko and artemismarkoxartemismarlimarmalade jalapeno popettemarsmarshall lee cutiemarshmallowmarshmallowsmarvelmashiemaskmaskymass effect 2massagemaster of disguisemaster racemasturbationmatemathmathematicsmatrixmaudmaud piemaudonthefarmmaulmax gilardimax wildaymaximum facehoofmaxismaymay i have your soulmay the best pet winmay the best pet win!maybemaybe i shouldn't gomayonnaisemayor maremc hammamc hammermcbainmcdonaldsmeme gustame lootle poonyme on a good dayme toome_gusta vinyl_scratch dj_pon3me?meadmealmeal with itmean girlsmeaniemeanie bellemeanwhilemeanwhile at hasbromedalmedicmedicine robotnik crossover ragemediocremedleymeepmegmega bansmega hidesmega is not neededmega is sadmega milk oh my bucking god its fakkumega parties hardmega snugglesmega was wrongmegaphonemegasweetmegatronmegusta gusta twighlight crazy break down pedo smimehmeh i've seen bettermeh its fine i guessmeh ive seen bettermeh ive seen better twilightmehmehmelamela's noodsmellomelody the ponymeltingmembersmemememe facememe generatormeme inception applejack ajmemebasememesmemetic overloadmen in blackmenorahmentally advancedmentlegenmentletlocmeowmeow~mercurymerry maymessmessagesmessed upmessymessy hairmessy manemestismetametal gearmetal gear solidmethanemewmewmewmewtwo?mexicanmfklawmfwmgsmibmicmicemichael jacksonmicrophonemid blinkmiddle fingermidnightmidnight blumidnight bluemidnitemidnite blumidnite bluemienmighty mousemikeymikumiku is watching youmilitarymilkmilk shakemilkshakemimimimindmind blownmind controlmind fuckmind is full of fuckmind rapemind virusmindfuckmindscrewmineminecraftmini gunmini ponyminimalistmintyminuettemiraclesmirrormirrortalkmisakimischevious disciplemiserymisquotemissmiss cranky doodle donkeymiss donkeymiss harshwhinnymiss me?miss youmissilemissing hornmissing my mom phattmissing tagmissing toothmission hillmisspelledmistakemistaking a girl for a boymistress marevelousmixed emotionsmixedmatchmixermike622mixologymiymlfwmlpmlp fimmlp image 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poniesmosaicmoshmosh pitmoshi moshimoshigirmoshingmothmothafuckamother 2mother may imother of celestiamother of clopmother of godmother of memotherbuckermotherbucker runmotherfrenchingmotherfuckermotherfucking skeletor!!!motivatedmotivationalmourning oincessmousemouse pointer on sweetie belle actionmoustachemouthmouth fullmouthhoofmouthlessmovmov styledmove along nothing to see heremove onmovementmoviemoving onmpaampaemr beanmr cakemr horsemr saturnmr. bonesmr. bones' wild ridemr. burnsmr. cakemrponinatormrs cakemrs. cakemrs. handsms harshwhinnyms paintms. cakems. harshwhinnyms. peachbottommspaintmspaint skilzmuahahamuchmudmudkipmuffinmuffin pleasemuffin please i'm fabulousmuffin rainmuffin timemuffinsmugmugsmuh dickmuh freedomsmuhahahamulemullomultideathmultiple eyesmummumpsmunchmunchiesmunchingmunching intensifiesmurdermurder definitely murdermurder flutter shymurder?murderessmurdershymuricamurky number sevenmusclemusclesmushroom cloudmusicmusic ponymusicians of ponyvillemustmust not clopmust not sleepmustachemustache cash stashmustache twirlmuzzlemwuahahahamymy ass is bleedingmy badmy bearmy bodymy body is not readymy body is readymy bookmy brain exploded twicemy brain hurtmy brain hurtsmy brain is full ofmy brain is full of billions and billions of d'awwmy brain is full of fuckmy brain is full of ponymy brain is full of scrunchmy brandmy cupcakesmy eyesmy eyes burnmy eyes!my face is full of frownmy face is twilightmy face whenmy fanfic sucksmy fanon is ruinedmy friendmy godmy god it's full of starsmy gorge rises at itmy goshmy head is full ofmy head is full of applesmy head is full of awesomemy head is full of booksmy head is full of derpmy head is full of fabulousmy head is full of fluffmy head is full of fuckmy head is full of parptaymy head is full of poniesmy head is full of wondersmy hopes have been dashedmy horse is amazingmy internet is downmy jammy l word poniesmy libido diedmy lifemy life is ruinedmy life lostmy like is ruinedmy little alienmy little backymy little chubbymy little conpesicymy little dashiemy little face whenmy little game devmy little humanmy little humansmy little konymy little pontmy little ponymy little pony comic con crystal kingdom pinkie pimy little pony comic con fun pinkie pie twilight smy little pony comic con rainbow dash armor war hamy little pony comic con sad face twilight sparklemy little pony comic con twilight sparklemy little pony derpy hooves sadmy little pony friendship is magicmy little pony talesmy little pony wtfmy little pony: friendship is magicmy manmy milkshake brings all the boys to the yardmy mind is full of fuckmy mind is full of fuck and i love it!my mind is full of scrunchmy mom looks at me this waymy mom sold me for drugsmy muffinmy niggamy niggermy oc when facebook picmy parentsmy piemy planet needs memy preciousmy primary function is failuremy sidesmy sistermy waymy wife is definetly not cheating on memy_new_fursonamysterious figuremysterious mare do wellmystery on the friendship expressmysticmystical orb of fate's destinymysticalalphamythbustersna sorrynaahnahnail bitingnail filenailbiternailed itnakashimanakashima naomi is watching younakednaked and shitname-callingnanoniumnaominaomi nakashima is watching younapnappingnarrowed eyesnarwhalnasal penetrationnastynature is so fascinatingnaughtynaughty girlnauseatednauseousnavalnavinawalanie w klawiature! xdnawwwnazinazi twilight sparkle heil hitlernazisnazismne extra nichnearly craped my pants beyondbirthday in my littleneatneat!nebulaneck breakerneck snapneckbeardnecklessnecktienecromancerneed a hugneed more poniesneed more ponyneed*needs more dakkaneeds more ponyneeds to be about 20% coolerneeds to be in a music videoneff~negativenegativitynegroneighneighbourhoodnekoneoneon genesis evangelionneon the fgtnerdnerd dancenerdgasmnerdynervousnervous as fucknervous grinnervous smileneutralneutral responsenevernever give a filly coffeenever tardynewnew episodenew fluttershynew lunar republicnew memes are comingnew rainbow dashnew recordnew seasonnew tf2 spraynew vegasnew world ordernewborn cutiesnewfagsnewfags everywherenewfriendsnewsnews flashnews flash nopony gives a flying feathernewspapernewspaper reactionnewsprintnexannext seasonniaeruzunibletnic cagenic cage twilight sparkle applejack spike luna eclnicenice thingsnice trynicholas cagenicolas cagenie chceniebieska lisica bluefox aoisakuranifenigelnigel hornberrynigel thornberrynigel thornberry my little pony friendship is maginigganigga pleasenigga this high to enternigga watnigga you bout to be raped thru the anal.nigga you crazynigga you gaynigga you just went full bronynightnight dressnight guardsnight lightnightfallnightmarenightmare fuelnightmare fuel activated!nightmare fulenightmare moonnightmare nightnightmare_fuelnightmaremoonnightmaresnightmarishnightmennihilus nix naughtnikeniko bellicninjaninja'dninjapinkienipahnitronjwarrnlrnono appleno brainno brakesno choiceno coffeeno commentno effectno escapeno excusesno eye balls yay!!!!no eyeballno eyelashesno eyesno fags todayno fightingno fuck youno fucksno fucks are givenno fucks givenno fucks to giveno fucks were givenno fun allowedno gustano hugs for leono i'm not crazy just perfectly fineno i'm not drunkno ideano it's fuckedno just nono lifeno likesno me digasno me gustano mercyno mister bond i expect you to partyno moreno mouthno neckno need to be upsetno neighsayers hereno no nono noseno not the moonno one caresno one gave a shitno one givesno one gives a fuckno one knowsno one must know my secretno partyno poniesno pony? no pony? what is this fuck?no portraitno reallyno really?no relationno retardno russianno sense of humorno sense of personal spaceno sexno sex tonightno shitno shit faggotno shit pinkieno shit sherlockno sirno sir i am not alrightno sir i don't like itno sleepno spineno spoilersno such thing as too many tagsno thanksno thanks i'm stuffedno to your face by cryno uno u foreverno wantno wayno we still love youno wey está es mi pack alejesno wingsno wordsno you didn'tno you sillyno_ideano-one caresno!no.noahnobodynobody calls me chickennobody caresnobody gives a fucknobody gives a shitnobody knows applebloomnobody likes menodnoddingnoi highnoisenoisemakernokianomnom nomnom nom nomnommingnomore carebearsnomsnomznomzynon derpynon muffinnon-animatednon-broniesnon-ponynonenone characternone given this daynonillumimatinonpinkienonsencenonsensenonzalgonoonoo-noobnoodleandtynoodlearmsnoooonoooooonoosenopenope nope nopenope.avinopony breaks a pinkie promisenopony caresnopony gives a flying feathernopony gives a fucknormal day in hangoutnormal day in hangout with opnosenose pickingnose to nosenosebleednoseynosleepnostalgia criticnotnot anot a facenot a fetishnot a fuck to givenot a fuck was givennot a ponynot a single fuck was givennot a single fuck was given that daynot againnot alrightnot amusednot amuzednot animated you idiotnot applenot approvenot badnot convincednot dangerous at allnot drunknot enough ponynot even madnot foundnot funnynot gay!not giving a fucknot giving a shitnot happynot helpingnot impressednot interestednot likenot looking forward to thatnot madnot mane sixnot movingnot my cup of teanot pinkienot pleasednot poniesnot pony relatednot preparednot reallynot really making sensenot really...not relevantnot ronaldnot safe for woonanot safe for worknot salmonnot shitnot surenot sure ifnot sure if adorable or depressingnot sure if applejack or jappleacknot sure if body is ready...not sure if chimmycherry or cherrychonganot sure if do wantnot sure if funny or i'm just very highnot sure if jokingnot sure if laughing with me or at menot sure if legitnot sure if lovenot sure if me gustanot sure if name of pony or a porn star...not sure if seriousnot sure if tears of joy or tears of cryingnot sure if terrifying or cutenot sure if trollingnot sure if wantnot this againnot this shitnot this shit againnot tirednot too hardnot what you wantednot when i shift into maximum overbitchnot wrongnot you againnotenotepadnotesnothin' at all!nothingnothing goodnothing good can come of thisnothing here modsnothing productivenothing suspicious going on herenoticesnownow get the fuck outnow go onnow gtfunow i am become deathnow i see anythingnow imnow im kingnow im king princess celestianow in amazing technicolor!now kissnow that's kinkynow this i can clop tonow tihwhat is thisnow whatnow what?now you are fuckednow you can fucknow you're fuckednow you're thinking with portalsnow your thinking with portalsnowhynsfwnsfw in a nutshellnsfw reactionsntststststststststststststnunuclearnudgenuggetsnuicuh younukenuke itnuke the site from orbitnumber of the beastnumbersnursenurse redheartnutsnuuuunyanyannyan catnyeaanyxnyx is awesomenyx is best ponyoo -o faceo fuko hai tharo rlyo rly?o_oo.c.o.oo3ooaaaaaaoahoatmealoatmeal are you crazyoatmeal are you daftoatmeal r u crazyoatmeal you so silly!obamaobama posterobeseobeyobjectobjectionobjection!oblivionobscenitiesobservationobservational humorobserveobviousobviouslyococ dawn lilly make upoc ponyoc silverbolt lightningoc star shot archeroccupy cloudsdaleoccupy mane streetocdocs velvita salute ponyoctaveoctaviaoctavia is disturbed...octavia is not amusedoctavia melodyoctchaviaocto dashoctoberfestiaoddoddly pleasedofof courseof course he didof course you didofcoffendedoffensiveoffical pony threadofficialofficial comicofukofukofukofukogoggyponyogres and oubliettesohoh alexoh alrightoh apple you so crazyoh bbyoh book you so crazyoh book you so sexyoh boyoh boy here we gooh boy here we go againoh buckoh celestia so many applesoh celestia whyoh celestia!oh come onoh crapoh cupoh cup you sooh cup you so sillyoh darnoh dearoh did i do that?oh dog what doneoh fuckoh fuck muffins!oh godoh god helpoh god i love to molest childrenoh god it's the hub logooh god its coming right at usoh god make it stopoh god nooh god no faceoh god not this againoh god sombra stopoh god somepony broke a pinkie promiseoh god this againoh god those sexy gogglesoh god whatoh god what why did i do thisoh god whyoh goodyoh gurloh haioh hai nope byeoh here we gooh hioh hi friendoh it is onoh lookoh look a ponyoh look a pony your day is ruinedoh look it's a ponyoh look it's an awesome postoh look it's this thread againoh look this thread againoh lordoh myoh my godoh my god i don't think you understandoh my god shut upoh my god wait is that sonicoh my goshoh my luna! you're a human!oh my..oh nooh no she betta don'toh no u dintoh no you didn'toh no you din'toh noesoh okoh pleaseoh reallyoh really?oh rlyoh shitoh shit gemstonesoh shit pinkie what are you doingoh snapoh stop itoh stop it youoh stop it you pinkie pieoh that old thing?oh the dramaoh the horroroh the humanityoh this againoh uoh um okoh wait you're seriousoh welloh yeahoh yeah!oh yeah?oh yesoh yes!oh youoh you cheerilee captionedoh you guysoh you know giving myself brain surgeryoh you so madoh you! ;3ohaiohfucknoohgodohgodohgodohhohmyaniohohohohohohoholy fuckokok with thisokayokay faceokay thenokay...okay.jpgokie dokie lokiokie dokie lokieokiedokielokieokiedokielowkeyoldold barnold beanold chapold englishold poniesold ponys taleold schoololollolololom gom nomom nom nomomcomc!!!!!omfgomgomg a giant rockomg do wantomg im not even ready to have sex yet ahhomg omg omg omg omg omgomg poniesomg rage faceomg watomg! you left whidowt cheerely?omgg broomgomgomgomgomgwtfomgwtfbbqomigoshomigosh omigosh omigoshomigoshomigoshomigoshominousomniponyomnivoreomnomnomonon its headon one hoofon route to insanityon the moonon the other hoofoneone bad appleone day you'll learn theres fag 0t z on the internone does not simplyone does not simply approve this pictureone does not simply pick a favorite ponyone does not simply walk into mordorone more timeone of usone of you will betray meone pony bandone timeone word: runone-shot characterone-trickoniichanoniononionsonline trackingonly the dead can know peace from this evilonly the master raceonly way to be sureonoonomnomnomonwardonwardsoohooh la laooh pony threadooh shinyoooooooooooh!oooooo watoooooooooopsoops my badopop can't be seriousop did not deliverop didn't deliverop is a fagop is a faggotop will deliverop will surely deliverop wontopalopalescenceopenopen fireopen mouthopen sourceopeningoperaoperationopinionopinionsopppoptionsoror just very stupidorange maneorborbital friendship cannonorchardorders are ordersoreoorganorgasmorgasm faceorgyoriginal characterorlyorly untaggedorly?orphanageorson wellesosamaoshtostracismostrichotherotpouchouch!oui zat is correct madameour final battleour work is completeout of contextout of frameout of fucking nowhereout of mindout of nowhereout-of-the-loopoutletoutrageoutragedoutstandingly gross.outtaovariesoverover 9000over a barrelover nine thousandover two rainbowsover-thinkingoverdoneoverdum incoverjoyoverjoyedoverloadoverly attachedoverly attached bronyoverly attached girlfriendoverly attached rarityoverweightowowlowl's well that ends 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to the moonsensationalsensesensitivesequencesergeant sprinklesseriousserious businessserious faceseriouslyseriously guysseriously wtfseriously?serverset fireset phasers to hugset phasers to stunsethsetting bitches in linesevenseven proxiessexsex edsex educationsex lemonsex with apples?sex with boyssexed upsexualsexual contentsexual educationsexual innuendosexxysexysexy about to sneeze facesexy and i know itsexy eyessexy facesexy filliessexy librariansexy overloadsexy piesexy princesssexy rainbow dashsexy timesexy twisfwsfw humanshshadedshadesshadingshadowshadowboltshadowboltsshadowboxingshadowsshadowthehedgehogshakeshake dat assshake headshake itshake shakeshake that bootyshake that thingshake ya bon bonshakeandbakeshakespeareshakingshaking headshameshame bucketshame on youshamefulshanshansaisharinganshe cleans them with wubsshe comesshe did itshe does evil dancesshe kills allshe madshe read cupcakesshe said we're always welcome in her shedshe stares in your soul!she wants the dshe 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lifeslickslight animation errorslipperslothslowslow clapslowlyslowmotionslowpokeslumpslurpslushyslutslysmsmacksmack a bitchsmack a fillysmack a hornsmack smack smacksmallsmall facesmall packagessmartsmart cookiesmarty pantssmartypantssmashsmashbamsmashedfacesmashingsmashing!smear framesmeelsmellsmell my hoofsmells like chickensmells like pancakessmells like samefagsmexysmiechsmilesmile and wavesmile big and widesmile foreversmile hdsmile life is beautifulsmile motherfucker smilesmile now?smile smile smilesmile to the maxsmilessmiles everywheresmilingsmiling foreversmirksmirkingsmirkshysmokesmoke bombsmoke scroll every daysmoke weedsmoke weed every daysmoke weed everydaysmokershysmokey weedsmokingsmoothiesmugsmug as hellsmugfacesmuggershysmugjacksmursnacksnackingsnailssnakesnake eyessnakessnaplight shimmersnappedsnapshotsnarfsneaksneakersneakingsneersneezesneezingsnickersnickeringsnidely whiplashsniffsnifflessnipesnipedsnipersnipezsnipez answersnipez banssnipez does not approvesnipez is amusedsnipez is gun get usnipez is heresnipez wants pringlessnipssnips and snailssnipsnipsnip frontline wiipony snipsnipsnip frontlinecheats wiihatesfrontlinesnlsnoop doggsnoozesnoresnoringsnortsnowsnow flakesnowballsnowdropsnowflakesnugsnugglesnugglessnugglingsnuggling intensifiessnuggt sparklesnöbollskriegso awesomeso awesome creepy rurnbuh dursh rainbow dashso awesome faceso awesomefaceso beautifulso begins the greatest shitstorm of our timeso boredso coooolso cu- hnnnggggso cuteso damn literalso fullso funnyso goodso happyso happy i could cryso i became fabulousso i became great and powerfulso i got awesome insteadso i heard you like poniesso i herd u liek mudkipsso it beginsso lovelyso mainstreamso many poniesso many wondersso muchso much joyso much ponyso much rainbowso much studyingso much swagso much wantso much winso much yayso much yesso not funny asswipe that posted shadowbolt /)^3^(\so soso softso sweet and tastyso trueso very gayso very much wantso weakso welcome to hangoutso whatso you canso you can pony while you ponysoakedsoapsoapboxsoarsoarinsoaringsoarinwasheresobersocietysockpuppetsockssocks of doomsodasofasoft drinksoftfangsolar empiresolar empire celestissoldiersolid snakesolid sparklesolosolo cupsolracsolussolus .3.soluslupussombrasombrerosomesome flanksome of us can't pick a favoritesome of us can't pick a favouritesome of us do have standardssome ponies just like to watch the world burnsome ponies just want to watch the world burnsomebody doesn't like poniessomebody is upset at fanon jokessomebody learned a big boy wordsomebody talkedsomeone caption thissomeone is being a faggot again spikesomeone is going to diesomeone should spank mesomeone's going to the moonsomeones mad at roxlysomeponysomepony is going to diesomepony to watch over mesomepony's jimmies are rustledsomepony*something is afootsomething is fallensomething is going on...but whatsomething something giant hatsomething's very wrong here.sometimes i worry about yousonson i am disappointson of asonata dusksondash the hedgeponysongsong of my peoplesonic pieboomsonic pinkiepie boomsonic pony i'm so love hedgehog celestia silvercogsonic rainboomsonic rainbowdashsonic rainnukesonic screwdriversonic the hedgehogsonichusonozaki shionsoonsoon she will discover the clopperssoonersootaloosopasophisticatedsorasorrowsorrysorry if you aresorryfacesort of an insult but not reallysort of wantsoulsoul eatersoul staresoulja boysoulysouly and conjisouly catsoulycatsoulzsound moneysoupsourcesource codesource?southsouth italysouthern pridesovietsoviet russiasoviet unionspaspa ponyspaaaaaacespacespadespaghettispah sappin mah friendshipspamspam starterspanishspankspank mesparedsparitysparklesparkle eyessparkle sparkle sparklesparklersparklessparkles skyesparkly eyesspasmspaztasticspeakingspecialspecial eyesspecial reportspecies swapspectaclesspeech bubblespeechlessspeedy transitionspellingspess mahreens we have failedspewspiderspider piespiderityspiderjack applejackspidermanspiderman 3spiderman applebloom fuck schoolspiderman is a ponyspidermarespidersesspidertwispiffyspikespike and apple jackspike at your servicespike derp firespike dogespike fluttershy jimmies no_tearsspike fucks fluttershyspike i...spike movspike pedo applebloom underage officerspike putting on helmetspike ruins everythingspike soldierspike team fortress 2 tf2 soldierspike the dogspike the dragonspike the ponyspike time for poniesspike-lessspikeandfriendsspikedspikingspillspilled milkspinspin cyclespineh eyezspinnerspinningspiral eyesspiritspitspit takespitfirespitfire decentspitfireyunospittakespittingspitting drinksplashsplatsplit personalityspockspoilerspoiler /co/ 4chanspoiler alertspoiler warningspoiler:s06e20spoilerssponge piespongebobspongebob squarepantsspookspooksspookyspoony experimentspotlightspraysprayingsprinklessprintspurdospyspyingsqidgey_bitssquadronsquare~squeaksquealsqueesqueeesqueeeeesqueezesqueezedsqueezingsquidsquid theresquidwardsquinschiesquintsquirrelsquirrelfacesquirt gunsquishy cheekssrssrs bsnssrs?srslysrsly anonsrsly guisesrsly?sssspstabbed birdstackstagefrightstahpstahp gamestairsstalionstalkerstalkerloostalkerloo at workstalkingstallionstallionsstampstamp on the groundstampedestancestandstand backstand back i have a pinkie piestand back i'm gonna try sciencestand firmstand upstandard pinkiestandingstanding on hind legsstanding on two hoovesstanding uprightstandsstarstar eyesstar flarestar of davidstar trekstar warsstarbuckstarestare bronystare dadstare lyrastare masterstaredadstaredownstarflarestaringstaring at your assstaring into your soulstarlight dashstarlight glimmerstarlight sparkstarrystarry eyedstarry eyesstarry-eyedstarsstarswirlstarswirl the beardedstartledstashstaystay back commenters!stay indoorsstay indoors twilight sparklestay outstay out of my shedstay outta my personal spacestay puft marshmallow manstay putstay safestay safe everyponystealthstealth innuendostealth missionstealth modestenchstep 12step three profitsteroidssterswerld der berderdsteve buscemistevensteven magnetstfustfu fumeistfu shut the fuck upstockingstockingsstokedstolenstomachachestompstompingstonestonedstoned trixiestoner sparklestoner stanleystonershystoolstopstop adding shitstop and smell the rosesstop being a faggotstop cloppingstop clopping sweetie bellestop doing it thenstop following mestop hatingstop having opinions that are different from minestop itstop it bonerstop liking things i don't likestop liking things i dont likestop liking what i don't likestop now jeebusstop pony timestop postingstop posting shitstop right therestop right there criminal scumstop right there party pooperstop spamming the botsstop speaking polishstop starin at mah plotstop talkingstop thatstop that nao pleasestop that nowstop the batsstop touchingstop touching mestopped reading therestopped workingstoriesstormstorm cloudstorystory editorstory of my lifestory of the blanksstraight hairstraight jacketstrangestrangely obsessedstranger dangerstranger than fan fictionstranger than fanfictionstrawstrawberrystressedstretchstretchingstretchy facestripstriper halladstrobestrobe lightsstrokestroking tailstrutstudystudyingstudying intensifiesstuffstuff instunnedstuntstuntsstupidstupid applejackstupid earstupid hurtsstupid pinkie pigstupid sexy grannystupid should hurtstupid stuffstupiditystylestylinstylingsubsubbysubby moment-zinniasubjectsubject changesubjugatesubjugationsubliminal messages clowns ronaldsubmissivesubparsubtextsubtlesubtletysuccesssuch leetsuck a dicksuck itsuck my dicksuckssucks to be yousudden nostalgiasuddenlysuddenly books thousands of themsuddenly pinkie piesue piesugarbearsugarcube cornersuger cube cornersuggestionsuggestivesuicidesuitsuited for successsuk my pony bitchsulksumgsummer readingsun goddesssun i am disappointsundaesunday nightssunglassessunglasses don't work that waysunglassesssunlight in my basement?sunnysodasunrayssunsetsunset shimmersunset: idk but u can 'cup' a feel of meh if u wansunshinesunshine sunshinesunshine sunshine ladybugs awakesupsup dweebsup fagssupersuper apple uppercutsuper bumpsuper hardsuper hugsuper lazysuper saiyansuper serioussuper sexysuper speedy cider squeezy 6000super table flipsuperherosuperiorsuperioritysupertrentyguysupervillainsupporttexsuprisesuprise buttsekssuresurely op will deliversurfing the netsurgerysurpisedsurprisesurprise bitchsurprise buttsexsurprise hugsurprise plotsexsurprisedsurprisefacesurrounded by idiotssurveillancesuspensesuspicioussuspicious rainbow dashsuspicoussvengallopswagswag everypony!swag kingswag yolo 420 regine alles wollah pony era ufo ja swag.movswaggswaggerswagintoshswallowswarm of the centuryswastikaswatswayswayingswearswearingsweatsweatbandssweatersweatervestsweatingsweating towel guysweatshirtsweatysweetsweet and elitesweet apple acressweet apple massacresweet bro and hella jeffsweet celestiasweet celestia have mercysweet jesussweet nightmares <3sweet pony jesussweet talkingsweetapple acressweetcreamsweetiesweetie bellsweetie bellesweetie belle hehe yeah heheyeah mfw creepysweetie belle threadsweetie botsweetie breadsweetie derailsweetie derellesweetie dropssweetie gonna sweetsweetie likessweetie ragesweetie scootsweetie thinksweetie thoughtssweetiebellsweetiebellesweetiebotsweetiebot error 404sweetiegassweeties gonna sweetsweetipedeswegswesweswetie belleswiggity swoosh coming for that bootyswimswimmingswingswing firstswing first broswingingswirly belleswirly eyesswitchswivel chairswoonswordswplbslsycamoresympathizesynchtube fillysynth synthie synthesis synthponi synthponesynthiett shirtt-shirttabletable fliptabootaboo hoovestaboo is a fhagtaboo is sad with out youtacotaco face cattag your shittaggedtagged now you piece of shittagmetags galoretagz!tailtail flicktail flick of annoyancetail sakin wiggle makin gif. :3tail twitchingtail wagtail wavetail wiggletailbonertaketake a good hard look at the motha fuckin boattake all my bitstake covertake her camping right now raritytake it easytake metake my bitstake my moneytake off and nuke it from orbittake some notestake thattake thistaking notestalentlesstalk down tootalk to the handtalkingtalking headstalking snazzytalking to selftametame shittango spottedtangytanktanks for the memoriestantabustantrumtaptap taptap tap taptara strongtardytarik war hier what in the butttaste like pinkietaste the painbowtaste the rainbowtaste the rainbow motherfuckertaste this rainbowtastes like appletastes like marshmallowtastes like victorytastytatsumakisenpuukyakutavitaxestay zondaytaylorteatea partytea timeteacherteachingteacupteamteam fortressteam fortress 2team rocketteam sweets 2teamfortress 2teartearing uptearstears of joyteatimetechtech supporttech tries to fight roxlytechnical difficultiestechno scootalooteetee heeteeheeteethteeth grindteeth grittingtehfucktelescopetelevisiontell metell me moretell me to go to bedtell me your secrets grasstell themtemplatetempttemptationtenacious dtenderhearttentterebonkatereziterminateterminatorterribleterrible fanartterrible postterrifiedterrifyingterrortestesttetristextexfluttershedtexttextfacetextlesstexturedtf2tf2 referencetf2 spy shenaniganstf2.tfwtgaptthankthank goodness i learned how to unseethank yathank ya kahndlythank ya kindlythank youthank you ebaythank you for being a big part of my lifethank you internet!thank you rainbow factorythank you so muchthank you twilight sparkle thank you applejack thathanksthatthat ash faggotthat assthat blowsthat chubby ponythat daythat deserves a brohoofthat dogthat escalatedthat escalated quicklythat escalated rapidlythat explains everythingthat facethat fat ponythat feelthat flankthat fucking catthat fucking ponythat goodthat had to hurtthat hurtthat hurtsthat is bad and you should feel badthat is beautifulthat is kawaiithat is my fetishthat is not how you make upthat killed my bonerthat makes me moistthat makes sense right?that pleases methat pony is very demandingthat postthat post doesn't even make any sensethat post gave me cancerthat post gave me diabetesthat post gave me poniesthat post needs to be condemnedthat post was bad and you should feel badthat really rustled my jimmiesthat really rustles my jimmiesthat rustled my jimmiesthat shapely behindthat shitthat there was an awesome postthat time againthat was fastthat was so bad my body disappearedthat was so bad my body went missingthat was terriblethat was the jokethat works toothat's a nice soul you've got therethat's all folksthat's an academy recordthat's an apple treethat's an opinionthat's awesomethat's bullshitthat's disgustingthat's fucking horrifyingthat's gotta hurtthat's hotthat's how michael rollsthat's just stupidthat's just your opinionthat's kawaiithat's kinda sadthat's my fetishthat's my periodthat's nicethat's not how autism works?that's not how you spellthat's not how you spell pinkie piethat's pretty messed up manthat's racistthat's real buckin' neatothat's so radical it's awesomethat's the shitthat's the spotthat's the stuffthats a nice soul you got herethats crazythats just sillythats nicethats so gay is so stupidthats whythethe answerthe architectthe barnthe be all and end allthe be all and end all of the universethe best clubhouse mlfwthe best night everthe best ponythe best thing everthe big crown thingythe big lebowskithe binding of isaacthe blood is on your hoovesthe boast bustersthe boulderthe boulder is conflictedthe cake is a liethe chances of success are 100%the cirlce of lifethe club can't even handle methe club can't even handle me right nowthe communist manifestothe computerthe cutie mapthe cutie poxthe dthe d'aaww is strong with this onethe dark sidethe daw is strong with this onethe doctorthe doctor (whooves) and blue derpy in backgroundthe doctor is inthe door is that waythe dudethe effects of fluttershythe elder scrollsthe elder scrolls vthe endthe end is neighthe end is nighthe exorcistthe fellowship of the ringthe flower triothe flying featherthe fresh princethe fresh prince of bel airthe fruit kingthe fuckthe fuck am i readingthe fuck am i reading?the fuck is my little pony *watches intro* fuck ththe fuck is thisthe fuck is this shitthe fuck you saythe fuck you say bitchthe fuck?the fucks i givethe fun has been doubledthe fun has been doubled!the fun has just startedthe fuzzthe gamethe gayest place on earththe gift of maudthe girl in the back be likethe grand list of fucks to givethe great and managerial trixiethe great and powerfulthe great and powerful trixiethe great escapethe grinchthe gweat and powaful twixiethe headless horsethe heatthe hoodthe hoof goes inthe horrorthe horror!the innocent times.....(without pinkie pie)the institute of derpthe internetthe internet is too bigthe jig is upthe jimmies have now been rustledthe jokerthe largest shelfthe last airbenderthe last round-upthe last roundupthe lawthe left rightsthe legend of zeldathe lion kingthe little five on the mayonnaisethe little mermaidthe living tombstonethe lonely islandthe lookthe loraxthe lost treasure of griffonstonethe lower half is backwardsthe lunar samuraithe mane 6the markerthe marshmallows are meltingthe master racethe matrixthe more you knowthe most 2nd postthe most stupidest celebrationthe most stupidest celebration everthe mysterious mare do wellthe mystical orb of fate's destinythe number is ironicthe numbers don't liethe numbers spikethe numbers what do the meanthe once-lerthe onethe party never endsthe penalty is deaththe penalty shall be deaththe penalty shall be hugsthe phantom maneacethe plot thickensthe pony everypony should knowthe power of celestia compels youthe power withinthe powerful trixie!the prequel trilogy is totally finethe prince of death war and angelsthe princess twilight comeththe prophecythe rainbow dash stonesthe red buttonthe return of harmonythe revealthe ride never endsthe roomthe royal canterlot weddingthe running of the leavesthe saddle row reviewthe seenthe shit i put up withthe simpsonsthe simsthe solar empirethe solar empire towards a brighter futurethe solus lupusthe song of my peoplethe starethe super speedy cider squeezy 6000the tags on this are the best partthe thing that absolutely nopony saysthe things i'll do to youthe ticket masterthe vision has been doubledthe voices.the weak and powerlessthe words you hear are in my headthe world is fuckedthe wormthe worstthe worst possible thingtheactualsolusthebrownthebrown57thelivingtombstonethelunarsamuraithem's fightin wordsthen ithen i was likethen suddenly everything went completely wrongthen they all fuckedthen you should know metheoriestheorytherapisttherapythere are no brakes on the feels train!there are no brakes on the rape trainthere are no wordsthere are not enough ponies in this threadthere go my clothesthere go my pantsthere is only the master racethere she isthere therethere's a new episode tomorrowthere's a pony for thatthere's morethere's no such thing as too much ponythere's the doorthermometer goes wherethese ponies are crazythese ponyville bitches are crazythese shoes were made for smackinthese wounds they will not healthey be trolllin'they can't unhug youthey clop to methey don't even begin to understand methey don't knowthey drive me to amnesiathey drive me to drinkthey drive me to procrastinationthey have never liked usthey said i could be anythingthey say i'm madthey see me rollin'they told methey told me i could be anythingthey told me i could be anything i wantedthey told me i could become anythingthey took away the cakethey will nthey're all about rocksthey're eating her! and then they're gonna eat me!thingken of lifethingsthings and stuffthinkthink about itthink about it manthinkingthinking about itthinking capthinking with portalsthirstythisthis club can't even handle methis club can't even handle me right nowthis creature should not existthis demands the highest of brohoovesthis disgusts methis explains everythingthis fandomthis fills me with joythis guythis has nothing to do with ponies.this haunts my nightmaresthis i can clop tothis ice cream is fucking amazingthis intrigues methis is a happy placethis is a nightmarethis is a strawberry pop tartthis is awesomethis is badthis is baitthis is boring guysthis is cuter than it should bethis is entertainingthis is exactly what it looks likethis is gonna be awesomethis is gonna be goodthis is how it endsthis is how many fucks i givethis is how smart you lookthis is how smart you look right nowthis is just the beginningthis is me after a my little pony episode.this is me giving a buckthis is me giving a fuckthis is me griffin a fuckthis is my bookthis is my book and i'm gonna read itthis is my favorite kind of magic!this is my fetishthis is my impression of youthis is my jamthis is not a chickenthis is not a difficult conceptthis is not a treethis is not amusingthis is not going wellthis is not warhammer what the fuck are you doingthis is offensivethis is oldthis is out of mein kampfort zonethis is poniesthis is relevant to my intereststhis is seriousthis is spartathis is stupidthis is the most awesome thing everthis is the size of the fuck i givethis is the worst possible thingthis is too awesomethis is what damnation looks likethis is whythis is why we can have nice things!this is why we can't have nice thingsthis is wrongthis isn't even funny anymorethis isn't even my final formthis isn't generation fourthis isn't my turntablethis just became 20% coolerthis just might be crazy enough to workthis looks like a job forthis looks shopped. i can tell by some of the pixethis makes me a sad ponythis makes perfect sensethis muffins is now a father of blueberry muffins this needs to stopthis niggerthis pleasesthis pleases applejackthis pleases bloombergthis pleases fluttershythis pleases methis pleases raritythis pleases spike plottingthis post fascinates methis post gave me diabetesthis post make me crythis post pleases methis shitthis shit againthis shit ain't logicalthis shit is so badthis shit'll blow your motherfuckin mindthis sucksthis threadthis thread againthis thread is bad and you should feel badthis thread is boring methis thread is deliciousthis thread is now 20% coolerthis thread is now diamondsthis thread is now trixie% coolerthis thread is ponythis thread sucksthis thread's now on the front page!this totally fits!this was actually from reddit not from 4chanthis will end wellthis will haunt your nightmaresthis will not end wellthis won't end wellthisiswhywecanthavenicethingsthongthor riding big macthose aren't ships they're boatsthose earsthose hindquartersthou art in the wrong kingdomthou art in the wrong kingdom knavethou furiousthou hath royally screweth upthoughtthought bubblethoughtcrimethoughtfulthousand yard starethreadthread is a drag? op's a fag!thread is derailingthread jackingthread necromancerthread necromancythread revisionthread savedthreatthreatenthreateningthree facethrift shopthrobthronethrowthrow upthrowingthrowing upthrusting pretty long for a /baby/ dragon arnt ya?thu'umthugthug cheerileethug lifethug lyfethug raritythumbthumb_upthumbs downthumbs upthundertiatiaratiara and frotters are friendstiara cloptiara gets a warningtiara ships colortiara waifu colortiarapandatiaraspritetiarawhytiawa has a sadticked offticket mastertickingtickleticklingtietiedtier banstik toktiltingtim allentimberwolftimetime cardtime fortime for a big-ass brony hugtime for poniestime for ponytime for school photostime for ticklestime is candytime is tickingtime passestime to do bad thingstime to drinktime to go to worktime to pee in the bed o-otime to post poniestime to shiptime to stop postingtime turnertime will telltimelordtimertimmytimmy turnertin-foil hattiny iristipsytiptoetiredtired of your bullshittired of your shittirektistis atis a lietis a lie!titanictitletits or gtfotittiestl;drtldrtoto battleto be or not to beto much alicornsto much tagsto the guys that check these can you keep this oneto the moonto the moon!to victoryto wartoasttoastertogethertoilettold youtolerancetoleratetolerate and lovetolerate intolerancetolerate ittomtom dantonguetongue bitetongue outtonighttonight youtonight… you!tonight...youtonnin setelitony kornheisertootoo awesometoo awesome for wordstoo closetoo cool to look at explosionstoo cutetoo cutesytoo damn hightoo longtoo long didn't readtoo long; didn't readtoo mainstreamtoo manestreamtoo many pinkie piestoo many pinkiestoo muchtoo much caketoo much pinkietoo much pinkie pietoo much ponytoo much squeetoo much stupidtoo sweettoola roolatoottoothtoothbrushtoptop funtop guntop hattop kektop unftophattopictopic listtopic nuff saidtopiclisttoppsykretttornadotortoisetostitotally smoothtotally truetotally worth ittouchetouching hornstough crowdtoweltoxic levels of d'awwwtoytoystrackingtrade ya!traditional canterlot voicetraffic lighttraffic signaltrailtrailertraintrain ridetrainingtraitortrampolinetrancetrankilatransparenttransparent scarftransponytraptrashtrash cantrashcantraumatraumatizedtreetree posetree saptreestrektremblingtrenchtribes shazbot vgtg pony horse shitfecestricktrick or treattrick or treatingtrickstriggeredtriptripfagstriplestrippintrippingtrippytripstrixietrixie approvestrixie bloodmoontrixie i see what you did there iseewhatyoudidthertrixie is always relevanttrixie lulamoontrixie lulamoon i see what you did there iseewhatytrixie sees what you did theretrolltroll facetroll hardertroll logictroll trollbait trollface umadtrollcordtrolledtrollershytrollestiatrollfacetrollighttrollintrollingtrollololololololtrolls are comingtrolololtrontropic thundertrottrotcontrout slaptruetrue ponytrue storytrue story facetruffle shuffletrunktrust in metrust metrust me i am atrust me i am sciencetrust me i'm atrust me im a bloom doctortruthtruth failtrytry and stop metry metry not to crytrying not to crytrying not to think abouttrying to eat the hub logotrying to pooptrying to thinktrying too hardtshirttsunderetsunderixiettf newfagstubatumahtumblrtumorturduckenturkey sandwichturnturn tableturned that mouth upside downturning awayturning up one's noseturnipturnipsturntableturntablestuxedotvtv. gone wrongtwelve hourstwelve hours latertwhylighttwitwi-lightweighttwicanetwifacetwijacktwilestiatwilghttwilght sparkletwilgithtwilicanetwilicorntwiligh sparkletwilighttwilight agreestwilight alicorntwilight approvestwilight cannot enjoy her booktwilight derelletwilight evolvedtwilight floppletwilight has discovered porntwilight humantwilight i bet you don't even lifttwilight is scared of snakestwilight is the best ponytwilight jellytwilight on her period!twilight pedophiletwilight rainbow applejack pinkie bon bon apple bltwilight sceptretwilight skytwilight sparkletwilight sparkle :i eated babiestwilight sparkle approvestwilight sparkle crazy insane smile ofacetwilight sparkle cute hugs hugs?twilight sparkle dinosaur twilightosaurus twiserattwilight sparkle distorted facetwilight sparkle distress unhappytwilight sparkle fixes everythingtwilight sparkle is watching you faptwilight sparkle me gusta s2 e20twilight sparkle my little pony love bloom no moretwilight sparkle pony comic con season 3twilight sparkle sad face pony comic con season 3twilight sparkle sad pouttwilight sparkle season three happy smiletwilight sparkle strange addiction to tacos.twilight sparklytwilight spidertwilight stupiditytwilight twilight sparkle puppy eyes sad gif hurritwilight twilight_sparkle cry crylight_sparkletwilight velvettwilight_sparkletwilight_sparkle madtwilight's castletwilight's librarytwilight's midnight violationstwilight's parentstwilightdissaprovestwilightlicioustwilights reaction to broniestwilightsparkle.mp4twiligth sparkletwilisceptertwilit spakeltwilitetwillight fathomtwillight nightmare fueltwilot spikletwilytwinkle wish adventuretwinkleshinetwinkleshine dunnotwinkling eyestwireactionfacetwisttwistingtwitchtwitchingtwitchytwitchy twitchtwittermitestwiwattwix no moretwixietwlight sparkletwo best sisterstwo best sisters playtwo facetwo letterstwo plus two plus twotwolat sporkaltwolat sporkletwologht sporkletyle wygractypetypical bronytypingtypotypostypos everywheretyrantuu beautifulu dead naou gonna dieu guyz mad?u jellyu jelly?u madu mad brou mad bro?u mad brony?u mad darling?u mad?u madden?u mak flutters cry! dis wut happn wen clop!u seriousu wotu wot m8uberderpyhoovesuberhappyuc77ufougandaughuglyugly as fuckugly cryingugly toouguu desu!uhuh ohuh-ohuh..... alrighty then!uhh!uhhhuhuhujellyulfricultimate cake ninjaultimate herbivoreultra bumpultra gayultra violenceumum noumadumad?umadbro?umbrellaumbrella hatuminekoumineko no naku koro niummumm all rightumm all right...umm... okay...ummm twilightummm...appleummy bearunable to quitunable to trollunacceptable!unamusedunanimated gifunbelievableunbelievably cuteunbelieveableuncaptioneduncertainuncle jessyuncoloreduncomfortableunconsciousunconvinceduncorruptableundead robot bug crusadersunder the influenceunder the tableunderpunderstand completelyundertaleunderwearunenthusiasticunfunfabulousunfairunfair role playunhapplejackunhappyunhugunicornunicorn girl wastedunicorn master raceunicorn wigunicornsunidentified flying objectuniformunimpressedunimpressiveunique unfindable tagunitatounitinuuniverseunlimited drinkunlovedunmannedunmotivatedunnamedunnamed poniesunnaturalunnecessary taggingunpluggedunpreparedunproductiveunrelatedunrelated to mlfwunreleasedunrhymed zecoraunseeunseenunspeakable evilunstoppableunsureuntaggeduntaggedkh knmunwanted wingbonerup topup until now my life has been meaninglessupdateuppercrust is fabulousuppercutupsetupsettingupside downupsidedownfaceupskirtupvoteupvotes galoreurur a fagetur gayur gay lolur lifeuraaurassurgeurineurp urp urpursa minorursula vernonusause filtersusefuluselessussruuh!uuhugububuhugugiuwotuwot?uwotm8uyrxo 6sm0s 9x -0 o ci 7c7d95+88978 ev&vaccumvaccuumvacuumvacuumingvalentinevalentine's dayvalentinesvalentines dayvalvevampvanvan 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another excuse?was there ever any doubtwasbordwasbordjewashboardwasherwashingwashing machinewasn't mewastedwatwat da fudgewat dowat is this! o.owat seriously i'm 12 and what is thiswat u doinwat?wat.watchwatch in awewatch it for hourswatch outwatch out we got a badflank over herewatch the showwatch the world burnwatch where you're goingwatcha doin therewatches you sleepwatchingwatching ponieswatching youwatching you foreverwatching you masturbate every nightwaterwater storewater store remarkwatermarkwatsonwavewavingway to gowdgafwewe are bronieswe bow down before youwe bury themwe can do it!we can have nice thingswe can only speak in pictureswe cool nowwe don't give a fuckwe get itwe got a badass over herewe have a badass over herewe have done nothing productive all daywe have to go deeperwe pony nowwe will rip you to pieceswe won't miss youwe'll be gentlewe'll set her firewe're all crazy herewe're all gonna diewe're all mad herewe're dealing withwe're dealing with a bad asswe're dealing with a badasswe're dealing with a badass over herewe're donewe're gonna get fucked up tonightwe're impressedwe're not hiding a dead bodywe've been waiting for youwe've done nothing productive all dayweakweaponweaponswebwecdpweddingwedding dressweedweeeweegeeweekendweekend mlp mane6 twilight sparkle happyweeperweirdweird faceweirded outwelcomewelcome to /mlp/welcome to 4chanwelcome to hangoutwelcome to ponyvillewelcome to the barnwelcome to the herdwelcome to the internetwelcome to the internet.welcome to the ponynetwellwell donewell i thought it was funnywell it is a tall thingwell shitwell that escalated quicklywell that's a compelling argumentwell that's just like your opinion manwell thenwell this for some reason makes sensewell this just got metawell yeahwell-saidwell?were we arguing? i'm sorry.were you cloppingwere you just cloppingwest sidewestborowetwet hairwet manewet maneswh40kwhawha the fuck is going onwha?whaaaaatwhack-a-celestiawhacked out poo brainwhadda fakwharglbrlbl brushie brushie brushie whuuu aaaaaaaawhatwhat a dickwhat a faggotwhat a twistwhat about nowhat am i doingwhat am i drinkingwhat am i looking atwhat am i looking at?what am i readingwhat am i reading?what are you doingwhat are you doing?what are you going to dowhat are you going to do about itwhat are you sayingwhat are you--oh.what are you? a dictionary?what did i do wrongwhat did i just look atwhat did i just readwhat did you dowhat did you just post?what did you just saywhat did you just say about ponies?what did you saywhat did you say?what do they mean?what do we do with the bodywhat do you have to say for yourselfwhat do you think you're doing anonwhat dost thou mean it's not butter?what drunken fuck made thiswhat ever shall we dowhat evil have i seen on my computer screenwhat fun is there in making sense?what going on in herewhat has been seenwhat has been seen cannot be unseenwhat has science donewhat have i donewhat have i seenwhat have i seen?what have you donewhat i learned about friendship iswhat i learned in magic school iswhat i'm seewhat if god was one of uswhat im seewhat in tarnationwhat in the fuckwhat in the name of fuck is thiswhat is a hand?what is a manwhat is a ponywhat is a video gamewhat is friendship?what is going onwhat is going on in this threadwhat is going on in this thread?what is happeningwhat is happening in this threadwhat is happening to my brainwhat is lovewhat is ponywhat is sleepwhat is thatwhat is that?what is thiswhat is this faggotry?what is this i don't evenwhat is this i dont evenwhat is this placewhat is this shitwhat is this sleep thou speakest ofwhat is wrong with youwhat just happenedwhat kid help untagged applejackwhat kind of reaction was thatwhat kind of reaction was that?what nowwhat now?what pumpkinwhat r u going to do about itwhat saywhat sick fuck..what star flare makes you losewhat thewhat the bloody fuckwhat the bloody fuck are you doing?what the blueberry fuck is going onwhat the buckwhat the dickenswhat the fuckwhat the fuck am i readingwhat the fuck am i reading?what the fuck are you doingwhat the fuck are you sayingwhat the fuck did i just readwhat the fuck did you just post pinkie piewhat the fuck did you saywhat the fuck fluttershywhat the fuck is going onwhat the fuck is happeningwhat the fuck is thatwhat the fuck is thiswhat the fuck is this shitwhat the fuck just happenedwhat the fuck manwhat the fuck this is not poniwhat the fuck?what the hay?!what the heckwhat the hellwhat the hell manwhat the hell were you just cloppingwhat the mathwhat the muffinwhat the rainbowwhat the was thatwhat the whatwhat the?what time is itwhat time is it?what we gonna dowhat what in the buttwhat would an arguing cutiemark look likewhat you did there... i didn't see itwhat you gonna dowhat you thinkwhat!what?what?!what. lolwutwhat'cha doinwhat's a waifu?what's goin' onwhat's going onwhat's going on here?what's going on in this threadwhat's goodwhat's happeningwhat's nextwhat's thatwhat's that?what's the best way towhatcha gon do bout itwhate the fuck am i reading?whateverwhatith thou doing?whats going on in this threadwhats good nigga?whazaaaa?whazaaaaawhazaaaaaawheat wormswheelchairwheelswhenwhen i reckt youwhen i see the changeling templarwhen sketch sees spamwhen someone says everyponywhen someone talks shit about mlpwhen soon just isnt enoughwhen they crywhen this pony hits 88 mph...when you give snipez pringleswhen you lose the gamewhen you see itwhere are my handswhere are you looking at? ang?where does it gowhere is my ponywhere is your god now?where the world endswhere's the fun in thatwhere's the fun?where's trixiewhere's trixie?wheres applejack?wheres my insulin?whereswaldomlpwhewwhile waitingwhile youwhiningwhinningwhipwhippingwhiritywhiskeywhiskywhisperwhistlewhite rabbitwhitediamondswhowho are you we are the yogscastwho careswho ever made this is a dick and a assholewho gives a fuckwho is a silly ponywho is the best ponywho mewho me?who needs sleepwho needs sleep when there are ponieswho needs swag when you got juicewho said that?who the fuck made pinkie cry?!?!who the hell careswho wants to suck my dickwho's a fagetwho's a faggotwho's a lil faggot? you're a lil faggot!who's a pretty pony? i amwho's a silly ponywho's a silly pony?who's awesomewho's awesome you're awesomewho's awesome? you're awesomewho's best ponywho's laughing nowwhoawhoever made this should be purgedwhoowhooowhoopswhoops sorrywhorewhoreshywhos awesome your awesomewhutwhywhy am i the worst pony?why can't iwhy can't i fly?why can't i has pony?why can't i holdwhy can't i hold all these appleswhy can't i hold all these ponies?why can't i hold all these potatoeswhy can't i hold all this lovewhy can't i hold all this magicwhy did you fuckin' do that?!why did you have to be a cartoon ponywhy did you leave mewhy did you leave me alonewhy did you post thatwhy did you wake me up?why does it hurtwhy does no one appreciate my workwhy does no one tag things in this goddang websitewhy does this exist god help uswhy don't you understandwhy dont you love mewhy dont you rederect my penis in sexwhy i am crying why i oughta...why is big mac touchin my...why is my poop greenwhy lol does she have twilight's hornwhy mewhy me?why notwhy sowhy so pinkiewhy so sad?why so seriouswhy so serious?why thiswhy twilight?why u do diswhy u do thiswhy u mad tho?why u mad?why won't it breakwhy wouldwhy would anypony post thatwhy would youwhy would you do thatwhy would you do that?why would you do thiswhy would you do this?why would you post thatwhy would you post that?why would you post thiswhy would you say thatwhy would you say that?why would you...?why wub woowhy yes i am a wizardwhy yes i am awesomewhy yes i am madwhy yes i'm seriouswhy you don't do drugswhy you gotta fight mewhy you hatewhy you nowhy you post thatwhy?why.jpgwhystormwhywhywhywhyyywi-fiwiddly scuds?wide eyewide eyedwide eyeswide-eyedwierdshitwifewifiwigwigglewigglywiiwii frontline frontlinecheatswii 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worthworkwork it work it work itwork outworkoutworldworld dominationworld's greatest ponyworlraritywormworriedworryworshipworship meworst possible thingworth itwotwotm8?wouldwould be so much easier to fap to without the yarawould give a fuck if had anywould i do thatwould you kindlywouldn't her mouth be considered the nipples?woundedwovewowwow that's hotwowhangoutwqntwreckwreckedwrenchwrigglewrinkleswritewritingwrongwrong kingdomwrong neighborhoodwrong neighbourhoodwrong voice actresswrongnesswtbwtfwtf am i looking atwtf am i readingwtf are you doingwtf browtf did i just readwtf did i just read?wtf did i readwtf did you just postwtf do you wantwtf is going onwtf is happeningwtf is thatwtf is thiswtf is this ?wtf is this shitwtf is wrong with scootaloo's eyewtf is wrong with youwtf manwtf rainbow dash pegasuswtf shockwtf whywtf_facewtf?wtfamireadingwtfmanwthwu tangwu tang clanwubwub woowub wub wubwub?wubswunderbarwutwut oc brony superchargedbroniewut?wutfacewuttershywuzzupwwiix all the yx everywherex filesx x everywherex-filesxanaxenomorpth distraughtxfilesxk-class end of the world scenarioxkcdxmasxpxpesifeindxxtreckxtuxxylophonexzibityy do i canty noty talksy u do disy u do thaty u mady u mad thoy u mad tho?y u noy u no giggley'ally'all fuckers need friendshipy'all posting in a pony threadyaya rlyya te olvidaste de miya'llya'll fuckers need friendshipyakkoyall niggas postinyall niggas postin in a fluttershy threadyao mingyaomingyaplapyaranaikayardyaridovichyarmulkeyarryarrryawnyayyay applejack whoo-hooyay fluttershy lolyay my very own fluttershyyay russianyay..yay..yay..yay..yay!ye olde englishyeayeahyeah boiyeah broyeah butyeah but communismyeah but communism derpy hooves my little pony friyeah coltyeah far out dudeyeah hilariousyeah i madyeah manyeah okay whateveryeah rightyeah scienceyeah thats coolyeah totallyyeah well fuck youyeah well okay dudeyeah whateveryeah!yeahh!yeeyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayeeeessyellyellingyellowyesyes hoh my gawdyes i am a wizardyes i am insaneyes i fucking madyes i like bananasyes i madyes i'm a wizardyes ma'amyes ma'am!yes pleaseyes plsyes quiteyes siryes sir!yes stormyes yes yesyes yes yes yes yesyes! adventure timeyes?yesh this pleases meh you shall be sparedyfyfyfyygtayipeylilautayoyo dawgyo dawg i put a pony in your ponyyo lifeyo nigsyogayoloyolo octavia you obviously love her bunny suityooouurr still a hooorsseeeyorickyoshiyouyou ain't shityou amuse meyou are a champion my friendyou are a disappointmentyou are a faggotyou are a pirateyou are all royally fuckedyou are already deadyou are already partyingyou are crazyyou are deadyou are fabulous! don't ever forget thatyou are fuckedyou are gayyou are gonna run but don'tyou are my bitchyou are no manyou are not wrongyou are serious?you are tearing me apart rarityyou are the bestyou are wrongyou assyou best get excited cause it's gonna get wierdyou better notyou broke a pinkie promiseyou broke ityou came to the wrong neighborhoodyou came to the wrong neighborhood motherbuckeryou came to the wrong neighborhood motherfuckeryou came to the wrong neighbourhoodyou can't be seriousyou can't lick that textyou can't tell pinkie what to doyou could have prevented thisyou crazyyou dense motherfuckeryou dense motherfuckersyou did ityou did not just say thatyou did whatyou didn't hug me backyou do thatyou don't crossyou don't even know what i could doyou don't like me?you don't like ponies?you don't sayyou don't say!you don't say?you don't think i'm cuteyou don't understandyou don't want thatyou done goofedyou dont sayyou dont say?you dun goofedyou feeling luckyyou feeling lucky punkyou for real?you forgot to loop the gifyou fucked with the wrong ponyyou fucked with the wrong pony hombreyou go girlyou gon get rapedyou gonna get cakedyou gonna get huggedyou gonna get rapedyou goofedyou got ityou got thatyou got the right one baby uh huhyou got toldyou gotta be kidding me broyou gotta shareyou guys are awesomeyou have a big horse faceyou have met a terrible fateyou have to give a fuck the book says soyou interrupted my chocolate for this?you jellyyou just became a bronyyou just lostyou keep using that wordyou know whatyou know what i thinkyou know you wanna tag the tagyou know you want ityou know you want meyou know you're fucked whenyou leave twilight aloneyou lied ... like booksyou like books don't you dashyou like jelly don't you squidwardyou like krabby pattiesyou like my face don't you meme surferyou like ponies don't youyou like?you lostyou madyou mad broyou mad?you made fluttershy cryyou made phatt cryyou made roxly madyou makeyou make pinkie pie sadyou make pony sadyou make want to hear you all dayyou may be rightyou may have a pointyou may leave nowyou must be newyou must be new hereyou must be this high to rideyou need more applejackyou need more framesyou need to stfuyou no like poniesyou obviously love octaviayou pinkie promisedyou pinkie promised!!!!!!!!!you poor babyyou post this goofiness siryou said what nowyou see that post up thereyou see thisyou seem to have gotten my deliveryyou seem upsetyou seriousyou shall be assimilatedyou shall not passyou should see thisyou shouldn't have done thatyou shut your whore mouth when fluttershy is talkiyou silly fillyyou soyou so crazyyou so sillyyou son of ayou spin me right roundyou spin me right round baby right roundyou spin my head right round right roundyou still clop to ponies?you suckyou talking shit about my waifu?you taste like marshmallowyou think i give a fuckyou think this is a fucking gameyou think this is a motherbucking gameyou think this is a motherfucking gameyou think this is a motherfucking game?you think you know fear the way i know your soulyou think you know what you're talking aboutyou thought this was animated didn't youyou tooyou triedyou tried staryou two there get the fuck out of this threadyou upset rarityyou wanna readyou wanna read togetheryou want a pet?you want this cake?you were saying?you whatyou will be assimilatedyou winyou wishyou woke me up for thisyou woke me up for this?you won the internetyou wot m8you would think thatyou!'ll never be this coolyou'reyou're a faggotyou're a fucking retardyou're a ponyyou're a turkeyyou're all faggotsyou're awesomeyou're butthurtyou're cuteyou're cute whenyou're cute when you're butthurtyou're deadyou're doing it wrongyou're doing it wrong derpyyou're drunkyou're fuckedyou're gayyou're getting trolledyou're getting trolled!you're going down fluttershyyou're going to love meyou're gonna have a bad timeyou're gorgeousyou're here foreveryou're hurting my ideasyou're in oneyou're in the wrong neighbourhoodyou're in the wrong neighbourhood motherfuckeryou're just adorableyou're kiddingyou're kidding right?you're looking a little downyou're my best palyou're not a faggot opyou're not helpingyou're not wrongyou're retardedyou're seriousyou're serious?you're smartyou're so cuteyou're so niceyou're so pathetic you make ponies're wrongyou've got mailyou've gotta be shitting meyoubitchyoungyouryour a wizardwizardyour argument is invalidyour beautiful :dyour brainyour brain on poniesyour brain... this bigyour day is ruinedyour destinyyour doing it wrongyour faceyour fanfic is bad and you should feel badyour lifeyour lyingyour momyour not wrongyour oc sucksyour opinionyour postyour post it disturbed everyponyyour princess is pleasedyour resistance only makes my little pony harderyour roots fucking suckyour screams will not be heardyour ship just sankyour soul is mineyour soul is mineyour stupidity amuses cheerileeyour stupidity amuses meyour*youre a foul oneyoure in the wrong neighborhood motherfuckeryoure not wrongyouthyoutubeyoutube captionyouuuuu waggle snookieyu yuyuckyufjnyukkuriyukkuri shite itte neyuleyule logyumyummiyummy pussyupyuriyyyzzackrozackromlp my little pony image macro macroszalgozalgo pinkiezalgo pinkie from horror squadzanzanazanatorzap appleszebrazecorazecora asszecora bitch_please bitch please eyes_closedzecora postzeezee's and cd's momzee's mom zalgozeerawzeffzeffling lovezekadeozeldazelda cd-izeppelinzerozero fuckszero fucks givenzero trollestiazero wingzingzingerzinniazinnia poozoezoidbergzombiezombie apocalypsezombie cancerzombie ponyzonezoomzuckszutheskunkzzxxczzzвозраженияхуйಠ_ಠおにいちゃんお兄ちゃんノットヂスシットアゲンゆっくり して いって ね御兄ちゃん