Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Rarity reacting with 'we're not hiding a dead body', 'just smile and wave', 'smile and wave', 'screenshot', 'animated', 'twilight', 'awkward', 'smile', 'wave' and 'my little pony'
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apple pony ok girls, idont here but lest just forgite it, *** u all i out from here! *shoots her haed with a apple*
Poninymous smile smile smile. fill my heart up with sunshine sunshine
Twilight *wispers*Dont worry i know what to do.*Shoots everypony and teleports them all to a dark cave no one was a witness*Lets go o-o
Rainbow Dash *whispers* I don't buckin' know.
Rarity *whispers* Where are we gonna put it
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