Rarity reacting with 'bitch i'm fabulous', 'bitch i'm flawless', 'transparent', 'beautiful', 'fabulous', 'flawless', 'vector', 'preen', 'primp' and 'my little pony'
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jean paul jean paul x rarity
jean paul sexo
Everypony *gets blown away*
Pinkamena Watch THIS one! It will blow. You. Away. *gasp* pppppppppp​pppppppppp​pppppppppp​pppppppppp​pppppppppp​pprrrrrrrr​rrrrrrffff​fffffttttt
Pinkie pie That's nothing. Nothing to me. *crying* *hair deflating*
Pinkie pie Wow
Jaycee Omg
Rarity Ok. I'll try hard. Ooh... Uh... I... Ppppppppppppprrrrrrrffffttttt
Mrfartaddict Do the EXTREMELY (x10) GOOD ONE!
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