Rainbow Dash reacting with 'who ever made this is a dick and a asshole', 'silhouette', 'animated', 'pendulum', 'suicide', 'fanart', 'murder', 'noose' and 'my little pony'
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Poninymous Holy fuck, some people are way too invested in this show.
Poninymous ggy
Rainbow Dash's l Whoever made this should go and suck their dick Rainbow Dash I meant to say it outright Rainbow Dash ring around the neck ring around the road however is a hope Asheville assholes everybody so go to sleep
Rainbow Dash's l Whoever made this is a horny a******* a dick head in a f****** f***** I hate myself that I'm going to hang myself by myself and you shall kill yourself to mother nothing creepy Ring Around the Rosie Ring Around the Rosies and Posies ashes ashes everybody
Poninymous Please Rainbow Dash I never got a chance today to say I love you Rainbow Dash I love you and yes I'm a female not a f****** a Browning man and yes I'm a yes I'm gay SoBe sup sup sup dog song not suck I'm sorry Rainbow Dash's dying committed suicide or som
Poninymous No not Rainbow Dash X Rainbow Dash would die I would commit suicide right now and hang and f****** jump off of 4 still smoking I would be I would be killing myself into suicide forest right now
Poninymous No looking Rainbow Dash I would if Rainbow Dash was wrong I would commit suicide right now if I was you if I would hang you if you cut off your balls f*** you a****** you mother f***** who would do such a thing God help us all m*********** please please p
Poninymous Asshole that freak the shit out of me a and I love Rainbow Dash dammit f****** b******* man
Poninymous Who wade do such a thing????????????????????
Poninymous What episode?
Poninymous i cri evrytim
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