Chrysalis reacting with 'exploitable', 'changeling', 'check one', 'fanart', 'happy', 'paper', 'smile', 'note', 'joy', 'yes' and 'my little pony'
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Pooninymous change to celestia and i will thiking about it.... lol no
chrysalis yes or nah ?
Poninymous Even if there was a "no" option I would mark yes :)
Poninymous Holy shit the autism
Poninymous and I didn' like her
Poninymous it is so funny and and scared
Chryssiymous You shall not get away with this! The only answer is "YES!"
Poninymous *writes a no on there and checks it and ish killed with changlingnessty and is sure you know who this is and it starts with a d and ends with a shy* HUE
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