Applejack reacting with 'problem officer?', 'transparent', 'absurd res', 'smugjack', 'vector' and 'my little pony' by choopy
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jean paul amor
Applejack Ahhh.
Applejack Prft! Prft. Prrrrft. PREEEEEEAT! Prft. Prft prft prft. Prrrrrt!
Applejack Prt!
Applejack Prft. Prt prt prt prft. Para aft! Prt. Faaaaaaaaaaart! Pr or re rf! Ph prt. Prft.
Applejack Pttttt!
Applejack I'm gassy
Applejack Prft. Prrft prft prft. Prrrrt!
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