Pinkie Pie reacting with 'that pony is very demanding', 'screenshot', 'svengallop', 'untagged', 'writing' and 'my little pony'
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Poninymous wirting? wat is it? is a meguc heat or dem stupid fing dat you cant post nsfw without double cheack w poeop i dont wirt sh!t did i ded sun where are you ded? im not high
Poninymous To be fair, writing SHOULD be about bettering your skills as you convey your story. If your sole purpose in writing is "OMG look at my amazing writings, guys!!!!!1 isn't my red/black alicorn oc the most amazingful evur?" you have completely lost it.
Poninymous wow this actually made me smile for the first time since i went to see a bird get shredded.
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