Colgate, Octavia, Vinyl Scratch, Lyra and Bon Bon reacting with 'background ponies', 'lyra heartstrings', 'awestruck', 'hilarious', 'surprised', 'animated', 'dj p0n-3', 'humorous', 'laughing', 'laughter', 'minuette', 'dj p0n3', 'shocked', 'stunned', 'funny', 'laugh', 'what', 'lol' and 'my little pony'
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**** that bad omg faas sac wat us det jo
Poninymous Neon Buster
Poninymous This is from AnimatedJames, the video called If Bo Burnham Were In MLP. Vinyl Scratch obviosly has my sense of humor LOL
Poninymous What movie are they seeing...
Poninymous hue
Vinyl Scratch LOL
Vinyl Scratch LOL
Vinyl Scratch (D LOL
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