Lyra reacting with 'hardly know her', 'screenshot', 'bad joke', 'untagged', 'caption', 'flitter', 'bonbon', 'pun' and 'my little pony'
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imanpony234 slrrrrrrrp shut up im drinking
imanpony234 bon bon and lyra are walking in the forest of poo
BackgroundPony73 (comment #2) sexual. And in this case, it is used as a pun on Flitter's name.
BackgroundPony73 (doubt you'll get this but) Pandela, and anyone else who doesn't get it, there's a somewhat common joke where a verb, for example 'poke', can be used as 'have sex with' and often verbs sre used when they seem to have very little to do with something...
Poninymous (Whoops. Was trying to search for items tagged with her... Please ignore the previous.)
Poninymous Luna
Pandela I dont get it...
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