Derpy Hooves reacting with 'so begins the greatest shitstorm of our time', 'and so the bronys rejoiced', 'its happening', 'best pony', 'animated', 'untagged', 'hooray', 'derpy', 'yay' and 'my little pony'
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Ditzy hooves yay I'm back!
Fender Special Olympics
Poninymous mettiti aposto gli occhi
Derpy is Awesome YES!!! Derpy is back :D
Beeooow Soccer moms have no effect on Derpy!
eddmario When did this website get comments?
Derpy im back guys
Poninymous dat pone
Ness EH?
Flower at least that was a appearance.
Poninymous Alright, lets set up a 2km no-fly zone perimeter around ponyville town hall and all removalist carriages.
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