Pony reaction reacting with 'fluffle puff', 'animated', 'colorado', 'rainbows', 'unicorns', 'untagged', 'dancing', 'fluffy', 'high', 'pink', 'on' and 'my little pony'
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Poninymous sembri il cane di mia zia
Poninymous shut up issac
Poninymous Bronys are a waste of mankind
Poninymous FAQ is dis
Poninymous Pink fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbow~ (this is Fluffle Puff)
Poninymous when i'm sick
Poninymous Y'know, the outline is choppy. Next time make sure that the selection is a layer below the text-- then just fill it with black.
Poninymous Oh lord what is this?
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